draw the pig.

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by bootbud, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. wow. my picture was absolutely terrible. the interpretation of it was dead on though. i'm happy i drew a long tail :smoke:
  2. I did this in school.
    I ended up drawing a police officer. Heh.
  3. roflol! me too
  4. the test was pretty dead on, like laxphenom said^same kinda results i got from the 'life accelator' test i took at navy.com. my picture was pretty damn bad though...can you say L shapped legs?
  5. No way! When I read the thread I was thinking in my head "This reminds me of some link my mom sent me." Then I clicked on the link and it was the same thing! But, um, I have trouble drawing stick figures with a pencil and paper, so trying to draw a pig on the computer was a challenge. My pig looked rather, well, sick. Yeah, sick is a good word to describe it. As in, this pig had mad cow disease or something.
  6. Wow... Mine was horrid. It looked like a cross between the Easter bunny, a pig, and a cop. It was absolutley the most ugly thing I've ever seen. But it had a long tail ;) ...heh

  7. Heh. This was pretty funny. Mine looked pretty normal, I suppose. Apparently I'm some sort of realist.


  8. I drew a chode tail.

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