Draw Organisms from the Future!

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  1. I've been toking and thinking about what organisms might evolve to look like in a million or more years.

    Think of some cool ideas! Remember, there are more than animals in the world.

    Post up some drawings of creatures you think might exist in the future. I'll go do one and report back.

    Sketches, doodles, watercolors, MS_Paints of mushrooms, insects, primates, bacteria, psychotropic plants. Go!
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    Flying cat!

    Edit: Oops I forgot a tail.....
  3. .....

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  4. After nuclear fall out, insects are among the few survivors. The amount of radioactive decay triggers a period of rapid evolution due to genetic mutations a harsh, dark environment.

    This insect has mastered the art of bioluminescence. At night it stalks along water sides searching for prey. Once it finds something, or something finds it, it lights up it's magnificent array of colors and shocks the offending animal. Dinner time :D

  5. subscribed I'll get back to this when I got something
  6. [​IMG]

    If I could draw a sweet transforming cyborg I would.
  7. subbed! I might try something when I procrastinate from 3D!

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