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  1. I've seen other posts very similar but mine's a little different. I changed my water in my 3.5g dwc bucket this morning around 8. GH nutrients, 675ppm, 6.6ph, adjusted to 6.0(needed lots of ph down). Use tap water right now unfortunately, with a ph of 7.5, and 120ppm. When I checked the ph 4 hours later, it had risen to 7. PPM were still the same, water temp still the same @ 65.9. I just started having this problem a couple weeks ago, and that is when I stopped using RO as it is no longer available to me @ the moment. The water is the only thing I can think of, but does anyone have any info on what might be causing this? It's driving me crazy and I know my babies aren't liking the rapid fluctuations. Thanks much
  2. Use ro water....that's the problem

    What's the ppm of the tap?
  3. Could you add a rez to your bucket? The more water the less ph swing you'll have.

    edit: do you let you tap water sit for 24 hrs before use to dechlorinate?

  4. Chlorinated water has NOTHING to do with PH... :rolleyes:
    Matter fact, cloning solution has chlorine in it!! :eek:

    It is the tap water being used...
    What is the ppm of the tap water???
    Are you dealing with hard water???
  5. Hey d-bag I mean jakester... I didnt say it did I just asked as it does change ppm which would effect ph... Heres to ya
    And hes already stated what his ph and ppm is in his first post. Learn to fuckin read dick
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    Hahahahaha....Now you didn't read jakes post...he never asked for ph or the regular ppm..he wanted to know if the water was hard, not how much nutrient he's using
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    Umm reread his post

    Edit: off topic lets get back to it

  8. Wow, don't get your panties all bunched up... ;)

    All I said was chlorine has NOTHING to do with the problem, so why would you have to "let you tap water sit for 24 hrs before use to dechlorinate" as you put it...

    Matter fact, if you knew ANYTHING AT ALL, you would know chlorine has PH buffers, which help stabilize the PH even more... So it does NO GOOD to "let you tap water sit for 24 hrs before use to dechlorinate", again as you put it....

    Then I just asked what the ppm of the tap water was...
    Or if he knows that he is dealing with hard water...

    Again, if you knew ANYTHING AT ALL, you would know that in hydroponics you deal with hard water differently, matter fact, GH designed a micro solution just for hard water...

    So that would have been the question to ask, "what kind of water is he starting with" first and foremost, NOT does he dechlorinate his water which has nothing to do with his problem, and if anything the chlorine is helping...

    But as soon as someone corrects you, you're feathers got ALL ruffled up, got all upset, started cursing me, and you did not even read what was posted or understand why it was posted...

    Your response should have been "Why does chlorine not effect PH swing"?? And I would have told you why...

    Happy growing... :wave:
  9. I like how the op started this thread and has not been back once
  10. Ya, he could have got it fixed and just forgot he posted this...
    Shit, I get stoned and post and forget about it too... LOL

    Shit Tihspeed, you know it happens when ya grow the good shit... ;)
  11. Hahahaha fo sho
  12. Well first...I'll apologize before getting back to the issue. I use the GC app most of the time (when I'm bored at work) and all I see for your smiley shit is "rolleyes and Eeek" it comes off a lot different without a smiley lol.

    So back to this.

    You are right chlorine does act as a buffer....
    Chlorine dissipates so quickly it is not a reliable buffer and it will/can harm organic tissue. If you do any search on Hydroponics and water every result will say to let your water sit for 24 to 48 hrs before use.

    Example: My tap water here in the great state of Washington comes out at right above 90ppms. After 24 hrs it sits at about 30-34.

    Do you agree that ppm affects PH? I'd hope so.

    So if he fill his little 3 gallon rez with tap water sets his ppm and ph. Your saying hes good to go. Hes not.

    Within a day his PH will change because... Plant uptake and chlorine dissipation. Small rez big swing, and chlorine dissipating will cause a problem.

    And once again he stated in his first post "Use tap water right now unfortunately, with a ph of 7.5, and 120ppm"

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