Drastic overreach of public schooling Jurisdiction; ridiculousness

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    School Spying Scandal Gets Even More Bizarre: Student In Question Was Disciplined For Eating Candy | Techdirt


    To add on to this story,

    Teachers, school faculty, now have the power & ability to take cell phones away from children during school, and access text messages, photos, call logs, voice mails, etc. ANYTHING ON THAT PHONE can be used against that person, which usually ends in hardcore suspension, or a flat out expell. No matter the circumstances. (Being a senior, awesome GPA, etc)

    Just a few weeks ago, a young girl and man were both expelled from the school. Typically you would think they have done something bad, violent, etc..but that is certainly not the case

    The young man was carrying a nasal spray in his bookbag. he was forced to be searched because he was arriving with his female friend to school, and they happened to be late. They took his cell phone and read through a conversation about the guy going to "smoke" with his friend later on that day, or week, whatever.... The guy was suspended from school for 15 days because he had Nasal Spray (the cold was going around at the time actually)..

    Another young man was expelled from school, because he had a pocket knife in his car. The teachers go around the parking lot and look through windows to make sure nothing is there that can fall under the guidelines of being "against the rules" - fast forward, teacher sees a sheathed pocket knife on the floor of a boys car. The guy ends up being expelled, because he "brought a knife to school"

    Another young girl got suspended because she had cigarettes in her cup holder in her car. Again, this is in instance of teachers "patrolling" parking lots..

    You basically give up your rights as a student. As soon as you walk past those double doors, you're done. you might as well take out your SIM Card in your phone.

    Some of the most authoritarian people I have ever met work within the school faculty of public schools in metro areas.
  2. well fuck that.

    the administration is going to have one hell of a day, when i have kids and they go to school, if they attempt this b.s
  3. OF course! Eating candy would turn you into a terrorist! Didn't you know? They put bomb inside of a candy, once eaten, it'll explode within minutes!

  4. Oh noez!!! Think of the children!:eek:
  5. Just more evidence that the goal of public schooling is to train and control.
  6. When I was in high school I was the editor in chief of the school paper. There was a protest in my town supporting the Palestinians which I decided to cover because kids from my high school were involved. What happened? My principle had two security guards take me out of class into a room with a police officer, and two assistant principles. At first I was like oh noes they must have found my pot. But no they were there to lecture me about a covering the protest. The article was completely non biased! I am a pro Israeli Jew and still they tried to accuse me of antisemitism!!!! WTF?!!! They told me to stop including World News and political issues in the paper to only cover pep rallies and football games.
    What did I do? I ran an article about censorship and also an article about the delights of Marijuana!!! Including full spread pictures of various Marijuana strains. LOL! Needless to say I was fired. Thinking back I can't believe I wasn't expelled!
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  7. Badass way to go out man, gotta say! :smoke:
  8. Yeah you'd be done if you did that here in the south. I don't even think you'd make it as far as putting the material on the paper about marijuana if you so choose so
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    I went to High School in El Paso Texas. Which is basically not a part of Texas, its more like El Paso Mexico. El Paso sees the massive border violence on a daily basis so when our sister city Juarez, Mexico legalized small amounts of Marijuana, El Paso was super close to legalizing it. Our City Council unfortunately was intimidated when Gov. Perry threatened to take control of the city if El Paso legalized marijuana. It lost by only one vote! That was my senior year of High School. :(

    One of the things that probably protected me was that my Grandmother was a big honcho in the school system at the time and controlled lots of Federal money and where it went. Not to mention I had the high grades and was a member or head of about every club on campus. I was pretty screwed over after that in those clubs to could have gone to, Nationals for Debate. :(

  10. Perry has that jurisdiction. states rights!!
  11. Lol! It turned out later though that the city gov was extremely corrupt, we even had a member of the cartel high in the county gov. He was staunchly against legalization and his codename in the Cartel was the Godfather he was caught recently with a bunch of Marijuana.

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    Public schools are the worst for authoritarianism. I swear the principals in high schools think they're gods of their own little playground. I got targeted by the administration in high school as a "stoner", you guys know how it is. Once they get to know you you're in their office every week, for something.

    I find something fundamentally wrong about the fact that teachers just went around looking in students cars in that one example. How the fuck would the teachers like it if the students were messing with their cars?

    On a side not, who the fuck sees Mikes and Ike's candies and thinks pills?

  13. Somebody extremely high? :p

  14. But seriously, they're like brightly coloured little candies, what pills do you know of that come in every color of the rainbow (ecstasy maybe? I don't know)

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