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  1. So, After a terrible start some of my plants are now on their way to growing big and bushy, other plants are kinda lazy, really stunted, and i dont know why i still have them. I'm Not sure if its because im not flowering, if i just didnt have enough light for a long time, or the fact that i transplanted way to early and stunted their growth terribly. Anyway here are some pics. I germinated July 18.

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  2. Looks like they're growing well. They will grow slower under fluorescent bulbs than under HID lights, but they will grow and make buds. Hope you make enough to sustain your needs.
  3. Yeah well they were under 80 watts for a little while, then one of the tubes wasnt in all the way and with the mirrors i just didnt realize the light difference, so i think for 2 weeks they were under 40w of fluros. They are now under 160w of fluros and I added a space blanket for better light reflection.
  4. Finally decided to get enough motivation to update, hope you guys like. Feedback would be good, I now have 240watts of fluros.

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  5. Just a quick update, 2 of my plants are startin to show Purple. How cold can these plants survive? I live in AK and it gets way cold, those lights dont give off that much heat, i may need some kind of heat lamp. I have one of those outdoor temp sensors, but i havent set it up yet, so im not sure how cold its already getting. There was a light frost outside about 2 weeks ago, but nothing since. I think i need to get a ph meter, i think that might be one of my problems with that droopy plant, that and I trimmed it, I know, dumb.
  6. Just set up my temp sensor, its almost 2pm, and its 54 degrees F. over there.
  7. k, well it looks like im by myself so far. Decided it was to cold over there, they are now in a much better place...my crawlspace. Plants are doing well, growing slowly, but im about to fix that by hopefully friday. One plant is now gone because it was a male, 3 females so far, one is still undecided, just starting to show something, cant see what it is really. Here are some pics of the new settup.

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  8. Looks good...how long away from flowering stage are you? Where did you get those "space blankets" for reflection?
  9. im in flowering, getting close to 3 weeks now, im not sure if its just the little ammount of light that i have or what but they are growing way slow. FRIDAY, i will be buying a vertical 1000w HPS from a coworker for $200. I only have about 4 feet to work with in my space, so a vertical light should help eliminate internodal stretching, also i will be able to keep the plants at a safe distance from the light. Pics on friday or saturday hopefully. The space blanket is actually a thermal blanket, i found it in an old car, brand new.
  10. DUDE Ak rules! and yes its been much too cold outside for plants the last 2 weeks, with that 1000watter your gonna have serious heat issues unless you vent it to the outside. do you know the strain of those plants or are they just bag seed? this state rules and im just waiting for some snow to hit the slopes on!
  11. I dont really think im gonna have to worry about it to much, the space stays around 57 degrees at all times, so i think as long as i have a fan or 2 heat shouldnt be a real problem (plus i can always just vent it through the vents in the space). Also, i already have 160w running, should i be concerned about the electric company watching me or anything once i turn that 1000w on.
  12. With winter coming people are gonna start using more electricity and the prices are gonna probly go up too, so i wouldnt worry about it, just dont do shady stuff around your house, and dont let people know what your doing, and im sure you will be fine just remember where you live.. haha
  13. Looking good :hello:
  14. Got it a day early, and its actually an MH not an HPS like i thought. Would anyone tell me how much different flowering with an mh is compared to hps. also, once im done with this grow, is it reasonable to veg with a 1k MH or is that overkill.

    Anyway here are pics of my light/hood/ballast.

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  15. I dont know anything about lights, but it looks pretty big. Cant wait to start my getto top secret one plant closet/drawers grow. lol
  16. What size of pots are those plants in? one of tose pictures looks like the plants root bound at least one does. maybe its worth upping the pot size for flowering,since they are gonna double in size during flowering. as for the Mh there good for veg but for flower your gonna loose some harvest since blue isnt the wave length plants use for flower, they prefer a redder spectrum.
  17. Here is just a quick update, only had time for one pic camera is full i think. Plants have been under MH for 2 days, my dad says the light doesnt look bright enough to be a 1000w, so I dont know if the bulb isnt very good, or its just him.

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  18. Check your ballast. On there either you will find a label that (hopefully) says MH/HPS, or a switch to switch between MH and HPS. If you find one of these two then you can simply buy an HPS bulb and plug it into your ballast....

    During flowering you need an HPS bulb.

    1000W MH for veg is good, but be very very careful early on as that light is too strong for young plants and seedlings. I think you said you have some cfls...start your plants with cfl lighting and swith to the MH when they are strong enough. (Many say you can use HPS all the way through, but I think MH is better for veg and you've got one now so you might as well use it.

    1000W is hot. Please be very cautious and safe with any fire risk and keep a close eye on your plants for heat burn.

    I have read that flowering officially begins when you see the first little budlets, not when you go into 12/12 or when you first see pistils. There seems to be much confusion over this point on this forum.

    Best of luck mate.....oh yes...I'm intrigued by the title of this thread: what's this about an "abandoned house"? Are you growing in a derelict house??
  19. ther elooking nice, but their leaves are droopey which is either cuased by over watering or root bound, plus if there root bound its not gonna let them grow alot during flowering, which would mean less buds! as for the mh not being as brighta s it should be, the bulb could just be old and as they get used they put out less lumens per watt! nice little fan i have the same one just its black 7.99 at fred myers!
  20. Took your advice, think these are 5 gallon pots. and I picked up Black Gold organic potting soil to fill them with.

    Too bad my camera has shitty macro. All four are for sure female, and are starting to bud, tons of hairs on the tops.

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