Drank some water which contained phosphoric acid, help

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  1. I filled some bottles with water which i lowered the ph by adding phosphoric acid. Anyway, i drank some of it thinking that it was the usual water that i drink. What i wanna know is if this is bad or not.
    Anyone know? May have had half a glass of it.

  2. Phosphoric Acid is food grade when diluted low enough (not sure what that level is) so theres a chance youll be fine
  3. your going to die aaaahhhhhhhhh :eek:
    Okay. Yeah i think i'll be fine. It was just a little of it aswell but you'll never know. On the side of the bottle of phosphoric acid it said that it was a bit corrosive so that got me a bit worried.
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  6. Okay it didnt burn my mouth so that worry is out of the way. I was worried about it because of the sign on the bottle of the phosphoric acid. It said it was corrosive but the amount of phosphoric acid that was in the water wasn't that much so it must be okay in that case.
    Thank you so much for the serious response. I do not drink soft drinks though, especially not coca cola. To much sugar for me lol xP 
  7. Next time, try some clorox.
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    sleepingblade, that wasn't very nice!

    I taught my kids that politeness and kindness are survival skills. And they are skills that EVERYONE should practice!

  9. Oh I don't think OP is taking this forum serious anyways. Him and his many other accounts presumably.
  10. What led you to believe that im not taking this serious? 
    You're the one telling me to drink clorox, how serious is that ?
  11. Many things, look around.
  12. Well, if that's what you want to believe then fine. 

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