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  1. so i got back from the dentist and decided to take a lil drive down this curvy road by my house in my corolla. i expected to go fast but right when i pulled on the road i see this fucking asshole whov iv hated since like fourth grade driving his dodge truck. i guess you could call him my rival. hes always tryin to show off in that thing. i wasnt really sure it was him til i got a good look cuz he was dipping and spitting out the window. no i know i have a faster whip than he does so i start tailgating him and he ends up accelerating to like 60 (limit is 25-35) trying to lose me and im still on his ass lol. he stops real quick to pull into his house and instead of hitting him i just whip around him real quick and speed off. was pretty fuckin ill, i wish you were allowed to pass on that road and we woulda raced. then i went to the park and drifted around in the dirt a little like i planned ot before i even saw him.

    anyone have these cinimatic moments? i know alot of people around here live off of it lol (fights)
  2. yeah dick you were suppose to pick me up, and you me and chino were gonna go shrooming...

  3. when? its fucking pouring right now. and where did u wanna go to shroom
  4. answer your fuckin phone and we'll talk about it
  5. I don't understand why you guys know each other in real life, but use the forum to talk about your plans/lives/dealings. Seriously, this isn't the first thread. :confused:

  6. he started it lol. i wanted to talk about racing. ill call u
  7. it was a conversation, its pandoras box. if you dont like the convo, then its contraversial, thats what the box is here for

  8. thats kinda what general should be i think lol. we just get sidetracked
  9. Are you getting snippy? All I did was express a thought. This is pandora's box, if what I said was controversial either don't reply to it, or leave the box.

    There's nothing controversial about the conversation you're having, but almost every thread you 2 participate in in the box turns into some "let's talk about our personal lives with each other" thread. Those conversations happen by phone, or IM, or carrier pigeon. Nobody here wants to read an IM style conversation between you guys when it's clearly off-topic, or clearly something you 2 can talk about personally. I don't care that you were supposed to have lunch with Laqueesha and she didn't show and then Ace says he was supposed to have lunch with her and she didn't show up either. Then you both talk about her admirable qualities. Obviously an example, but I think it gets the point across quite well.

    Ace, thanks for answering my question respectfully. It was just something that crossed my mind, that's all.

  10. maybe cuz my cellphone is a peice of shit aswell. you could message me on myspace illusionist:rolleyes:
  11. you do have a house phone...
  12. you just repeated what i said in that first sentence.

    and thats cause it usually involves the both of. this was spose to.

  13. just PM me next time
  14. Shit, on the track of the subject....yes i enjoy racing and the thrill of making myself look like a badass.:devious:
  15. This thread.

  16. its just fun to drive fast in imports on mountian type curved roads
  17. So you speed up get on his ass because you dont like this kid? iam i missing something hear? Just seems like you were trying to be a lil bad ass is all /
  18. Until next time when you go around him and get into a head on collision with another vehicle.
    This doesn't sound smart to me..
  19. he said they are sort of rivals so it's understandable

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