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  1. one of my friends last night said it's awesome he said hes gonna give me 12 and hes gonna take 20 and were gonna get fucked up but I've never done it before what is it like?
  2. This i've been doing a lot the past week ever since i ran out of bud.

    Trust me only take 10 your first time. I usually take 12 and i like totally lose myself. If you don't have a strong will bad things will happen to you.

    Basicly what happens is for 30-40 minutes you feel nothing, then you start getting a blood rush to the head, which may cause a slight headache for some. Then you'll start to Hallucinate a bit. Then you get the worse cotton-mouth in the world, and you will get a bit tired. Maybe the first time you do it you'll like it but usually after 2 hours i really get annoyed. It lasts 6 hours.

    Like once i sat on the toliet for 30 minutes with my eyes closed for no reason, shit like that will happen.
  3. i think youll love it. the dosage depends on your weight. im 210 and 12 pills doesnt do much for me. i normally do 24 with som dr pepper cos they taste nasty. that normally puts me out of this world for about 9 hours. the guy above pretty much covered the progression well. look out for invisible ciggarettes though. they get annoying. once, i wass laughing at what i thought was a commercial on tv when we were watching a movie. sometimes my friends will appear next to me and then vanish. creeps you out the first few times.

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