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Dramamine, who's tried this yet?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. Alright, i think now Im a dxm trippa. I do it on a daily basis, but don't think i've turned, i still smoke more. Yet its starting to lose its touch, though i like the effects of dxm, i wanna try another high. i've heard about Dramamine Motion Sickness pills that really f'ck u up when u take 16. just wondering if i can get any feedback about this from anyone that's tried it before.

  2. oh man dramamine, and dxm every day.. trust me dude, your brain is gonna be totally fucking destroyed in a couple of years.. the high is all shitty and evil anyways.. you just get all fucked up and hallucinate, but without ANY euphoria at all.. fun. get some shrooms or cid, or even dex.. fuck, id even rather have caffiene pills
  3. From all the shit I've read on dramamine and the one time I've done it I can concur that it is majorly shitty. The trip reports of me,my friends and erowid are very similiar to the ones I've read on Datura. Doing DXM really isn't a good thing, the FAQ on erowid says all users suffering permanent brain damage did it on a near daily basis.
  4. DXM is more of a temporary thing at the moment, because of the dry spell in chicago. Dramamine for me will be a one time, maybe two if I don't get the high I want. Jus experimenting while avoiding other more lethal and addictive illegal drugs.

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