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dramamine,should i try

Discussion in 'General' started by paranoia13, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. well i been reading about dramamine and it seems likes a intense legal trip without the throwing up with dxm,bud im in a dillema bout trying it. im gonna be leaving for ocean city maryland in 6hours,im considering picking up a tube of these and takeing 8 pills. looks enjoyable but there seem to be alot of scary trips such as one guy was surrounded by imginary spiders that were crawling on him and he could feel them biteiing,ouch,later he saw zombie forms of his friends in a reflection in the window in which they came through and chased him and the only thing that got ride of them was light(it was nightime and cornered)

    then alot of people seeing friends that randomly disapear,and magic cigarettes that dissapear when your done,anything you grab disapears
    so...yes or no?it seems intense and the dosage doesnt seem to have much affect on your trip
  2. i personally would suggest against em, i tried it once on new years eve and will never do it again. i didnt reallyhave to many haluciganic effects other then random colors appearing everywhere, and yes i did throw up way to much. after that, the trip went real bad, just complete bad feelings all over.
  3. i tried it and it was wicked as fuck i suggest it
  4. Yo homes, I got a question on the whole dramamine thing, the active chemical in dramamine is Dimenhydrinate, which is basically a heavier, less potent form of Diphenhydramine, which is the active chemical in benadryl, I was planning on stealing some dramamine from a grocer down the street but while looking for asprin in my medicine cabnet I found 98 out of an original one hundred antihistimine pills the active ingrediant was Diphenhydramine 25 mgs.

    I was reading on erowid that you see more stuff on dramamine compared to Diphenhydramine, how is that possible if the former is more potent?

    Also, which should I do, 24 antihistimine pills, or 12 dramamines?
  5. how many mgs does the dramins have its useually 50mg my first time i did about 450m/gs and i had some closed eyed visuals...dont do asprin man i have never heared of that...But will this be your first time? if you wanna trip ass do like 650 mgs dont do over 1000 though or your one dead sunvabitch.....n e more questions?
  6. I dont like drammamine. I took a whole sheet of those fuckers.. like 12 pills and just felt like shit all day.. pretty cool hallucinations though
  7. Yo bubbles, the asprin was for a headache. :p
  8. you damn kids and your dramamines, haha i personally dont find it worth it to feel like shit for 6 hours just so i can get delerious and see things, if i wanted to do that i'd eat datura and trip for a solid 24 at least....and your right you wont puke from dramamine, which also means if you ever do to many you wont be able to puke them back up and u'll be forced to endure the horrible trip..... i took 12 of em the first time i did em and got almost no effect other than feeling a little tired and seeing some small warping, so the next day i bumped it up a notch to 24 and saw plenty of shit, also gagged everytime i swallowed n had to sit down every 5 minutes cuz i'd get sick as fuck standing (like i said earlier, if u take too many you cant puke em back up, i tried)

    i posted a story about that night in another thread about dramamine, so jus go search for it, it involves me thinking i was in school naked haha.
  9. Ocean City, MD is boooorringgg. Maybe thats cause I live in MD and used to go there every year :confused:.

    Anyway, I advise against dramamine. It was an OK trip, but fucked up my stomach ALOT. The after-effects suck.
  10. I've abused diphenhydramine before, and it makes you feel very shitty physically, and mentally for me. It would mainly consist of me closing my eyes and talking to people that weren't there, or just thinking nonsense. It's really not worth it.
  11. yeah i know its boreing,but i go cause if i come home tripping ballz im there with my grandmother and shell just look at me funny and then go read a book(btw im back from there,for the 10th time this summer)

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