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Dramamine - My Expeiriance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. Alright, so i hear about this sh't called Dramamine, a motion sickness pill. I tried it, popped around 16 of em, and guess what happened.


    I was pissed, but the next day, my friend decided that we should mix it with some DXM/Coricidin. Lemme tell ya this, it is the wildest shit ever, prob is that I don't remember most of it. My friend threw a glove at me and I freaked out cause it turned into a kitten, so I picked it up and whipped it across the room. Some wild shit because one moment, I was sober, and the next, I lost control of my self without even knowing it. I will definattly try this again, yet this time, I'll pop some caffiene pills since it does make u sleepy.
  2. thats pretty wierd.... i was fucked off 15.. i forget whether i smoked bud with it though.. i have a feeling i did.. there wasnt really a buzz though, my mind just started to get sort of fuzzy and confused after like an hour, and some bizarre shit started happening.. saw my friend walking behind my entertainment center, and theres maybe an inch back there.. i didnt even know it was a hallucination until afterwards. the walls were twitching and there were flashes of light everywhere.. shadows of invisible people walking across my wall.. things inside the walls, trying to get out.. everything crawling out of place. pretty fucked.. in the morning, i saw my pipe in my hand and started taking a hit.. the pipe disappeared. this happened twice, and it was like 12 hours later too..

    if you REALLY want to experience the drams, id say pop like 20-24, wait 30 mins, get maybe 2-300mg of caffiene into you, and smoke a fucking fat joint.. only something to do once, imo. do it daily, and you might as well just put yourself out of your misery in a few years when your body is permenantly destroyed.. if you get my drift
  3. yea, tru tru, my stomache is now taking the wrath of coricidin, dramamine, and pounding mgds. Next weekend, maybe I'll try Dramamine again, only if I can't get bud.
  4. sh't, im still trippin a lil. Lookin at nubbins avatar and Im seeing it move to the music Im listenin too. Some f'cked up sh't
  5. Coricidin's unhealthy, first of all. It has ingredients in it that can kill you...
  6. yes, but small amounts of tobacco and beer cant make you bleed out of your anus, go into seizures, and die
  7. Let me rephrase that... Coricidin can kill you the first time you do it, unlike the right OTC medicines that should be taken to trip on DXM.
  8. I've tried Contact before, but the trip wasn't the same, in fact it sucked and was highly disapointed. Yet, I don't plan on taking coricidin for a while mainly because each time I take it, the trip has less and less effect, meaning Im building a tolerance toward it. Now the first time I took Coricidin, I magaged to trip so bad that I couldn't move, was on the floor all night long, talking all crazy like I was retarded, and basically woke up and knocked out all through the night. Since then, I haven't been able to get that far on 16 pills anymore, but Im gonna quit for a while so that when I try it again, I'll be able to trip like that. Trust me, I loved it.

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