Dramamine = E/tranquilizer/maryjane high!!?

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  1. i get car sick a lot and i take dramamine to cure it. but not only does dramamine cure my car sickness, it makes me feel like im high...and i only take 1 pill. i will try to explain the high. first off, it makes you feel sleepy like your on a tranquilizer and mary jane. if makes me feel like im rolling too. it doesnt feel like im rolling hard but u know how u first pop an E pill and u start feeling the beginning effects of it? i.e. music sounds better, touching feels good, and u feel a good roll coming on. it feels like that and it feels hella good to massage myself. dramamine also makes me feel foggy like im stoned or something and at the same time it relaxes me and makes me feel euphoric and a sense of well-being. and EVERY single time i take dramamine, i feel really hungry like getting the munchies. i dont know why i feel these effects cause dramamine is used for motion sickness but it gives me an alternative to e, tranquilizer, and maryjane high...does anyone know why this works? i dont know if i make sense right now lol cause im still on it...but yeah give me some opinions. :wave:
  2. Because dramamine is a drug and it gives effects too.. I don't enjoy them but some people do
  3. How many mgs is the pill? I take a few when I get bad allergies and fell nothing, no effects at all except being less nauseous.
  4. Be happy dramamine does that to you. It fucks me up royally, even at normal prescribed doses. Not a good fucked up, just a slow, groggy, can't think or do anything fuck up.

  5. 1 pill of dramamine should be getting you high. i think ud neeed like 300+mg to trip? i know i potentiate for opiates and use 150mg. and until i do the opiate i dont feel high.
  6. Diphenhydramine/dimenhydrinate is a miserable substance imo. To each's own I guess.
  7. be careful with e, you could get aids like me. :smoke:
  8. Same here
  9. I dont know about you, but I hate talking to people who arent there.
  10. you can trip so hard from drammamine
    walls will start smokein and all the sudden you friend will be in the room and youll have some converaton with them and then you look away and hes gone
    it gives you the most realisitic hallucinations but the body high sucks dick
  11. hahahahahahha my point exacly
    i thought my mom was leavin at like 3 in the mornin and was talkin to her through my window and you look away and shes gone and i thought my fried gave me a bunch of tabs and i was snortin them and i looked away and i was snortin a bunch of drammamine
  12. is it like dmx at all? because i met god on that and no it was not a hallucination okay. i fucking heard a crystal clear voice.
  13. No offense dude by why the hell do you keep bringing up the fact that you have AIDS?
  14. because if i die soon, 99.999% chance that's why. its on my mind a lot man. you should see me when im not high.
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    Isn't dramamine diphenhydramine? I love that shit, Up until a couple weeks ago I was doing 5 times a week (Low dose, 150-200mg, not enough to trip).

    It's weird... You're totally fucked up, and your mind just doesnt work, you space out a ton, music is the shit.... It creates synthesazia or whatever in me. I feel waves of emotion go up and around me, my body physically reacts to music... I love it, though I suppose in a sort of bad way? I use it as a numbing agent; time drifts away, nothing matter, I care about nothing.

    When it first kicks in, for like 10 minutes the body high is great, both and my female friend who takes it alot agree that its feeling good, but not quite pleasurable... almost like a pleasurable but not pleasurable ectasy? very hard to describe.

    Most people hate it though. Acquired taste? xD

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