Drake- So Far Gone

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  1. ah loving Drake right now.
  2. yeah this is one of the best mixtapes of 09. the kid can sing on the songs he raps on. incredible. nobody does that.

    hes buzz is crazy right now. months ago wen i was getting into him everyone was like ahh c'mon hes from that tv show..but now everyone is singing "u the fuckinn bestttt"
  3. To be honest I had to do my homework to find out he was on Degrassi haha
    but either way he's amazing and original IMO
  4. this shits fire man, drake ft lil wayne - sucessfull is a good song by him to
  5. isnt drake lil waynes ghostwriter?
  6. No enough narcotics to put down a hippopotamus is Dwaynes Ghost Writer.
  7. of this mixtape the standout tracks are:

    ignorant shit
    november 18th
    best i ever had
    say whats real
  8. so is that why lil wayne spits drakes lyrics at the VMA's

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fh7X2Oycis&feature=channel_page]YouTube - IS LIL WAYNE A SWAGGER JACKER FOR THIS (SPITTIN DRAKES VERSE)?[/ame]
  9. i think drake said wayne told him he rele liked the verse n wanted the world to hear it. cuz word would obviously go out that its drakes song.
  10. I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful

    shits fira. my ringtone

    whenever I'm fucked up..I put this on and zoneeeeeeee
  11. ^^^ THis is a brainwashed lil wayne fan, when confronted with the truth and facts a wayne dick rider always has an answer.

    ^^^This is a lil wayne fan that uses logic and thinks for himself :smoke:

    Drake is cool tho he does sound a lot like lil wayne lyrically and delivery wise, and I truly believe that at some point drake was a writer for lil wayne
  12. Let's make this clear right now... I AM NOT A DWAYNE FAN!!!... I'm a Dwayne hater... however my philosophy is that a hater is just a fan wit negative schitt to say.

  13. sir, uve gone crazy. u want some facts, then be prepared to be blown away

    drake met wayne about a year and a half ago. how could he be writing for him for years?

    drake was asked in an interview why wayne did that verse at the vmas he said because wayne rele liked the song and wanted to get my name out there

    drake was asked in an interview flat out do u write for lil wayne. he laughed. not in the way as yeah guilty as charged but "cmon man are u serious?" and he said no. they might help each other with a hook or a line here n there, but wayne goes in and does MOST OF HIS SHIT OFF THE TOP OF THE DOME. (which is a reasonable explanation why his recent stuff has been shitty, runnin out of ideas)

    and first off, im not a wayne dick rider stan or whatever. i hardly even like the guy any more like the rest of u im just tryin to be reasonable and not just trash him for no reason. everyone knows wayne stole his style from gillie. but drake as his ghostwriter? no way
  14. :laughing::laughing:
  15. well hey u wanted facts i provided some.

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