Drainage suggestions.

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  1. Transplanting into 5 gal bucks and deciding on what to do with drainage when I water. Was thinking about cutting a hole in the bottom and fitting a hose and having all the hose run into a bucket so I'll just have that 1 bucket to empty the excess. My work space will be elevated off the ground. Just wanted to see what others have done for this. Anyone have pics or anything of your setup? Just trying to stick with something simple.
  2. I just pull them out onto a plastic container and do the watering that way. You can check runoff PH, water, do any trimming or maintenance and put them back when they’re done. Maybe a bit more time consuming that creating an auto drain, but it works great.
  3. I'm trying to get to the point I'm not moving the plants. I dont think its gonna be best for them moving them every couple days when I water them throughout their life cycle.
  4. I built a pitched table with corrugated steel roofing. It drains into a gutter and my shop vac is on a timer to empty it after each feed, twice a day.

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    If you grow in fabric bags, you can put the bags in a bucket and siphon the bucket. I'm not sure a dry period is neccessary. I have tried 4 hours wet and 12 dry cycle for seedlings, and now 20 wet and 4 dry for flowering. Depends on medium I suppose. I'm in pure perlite.
    I rotate 1/4 turn daily. Everybody gets a shot at the light and the fan.

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