Drainage problems ? Overwatering? / flushing q

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheOnlyWay, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hey , I recently switched from standard 3 gal grow bags to 10 gal grow bags that I fold down, making the bag 2' wide x 1' long. But the amount of soil is around 3 - 4 gal I changed bag sizes because bigger the roots.... Also I can top the he'll out of em turning them into bushes! But last night I caught the scent of like...mildew. I noticed the same smell in my molasses container... I think. So, my q is, what's causing that damn smell, I got a crop of killer Kush a month away & now I'm worried. When I noticed it last night , my first thought was to let them dry out a bit, but they are flowering & I know u shouldn't let it dry out while flowering,
    Also I thought it might be drainage, these bags & plants are so big wide, I couldn't find proper drainage trays, so maybe I should lift them up a lil so the water isn't trapped? I might've not used enough perlite too, but doubt it.

    Also I have a separate q about flushing. From what I've read and researched , they say to flush well after stop nutes. Well I read an article about Chemdog in HT & he & Subcool both say they flush every day for the last 2 weeks. Now I've heard something like this b4 from a grower I know but thought all that water would be too much, do they mean like, say, flush it, let drain & dry a lil , then flush again & again & so on, like flush every 3rd or 4th day for the last weeks. Thanks guys. That smell has me worried, it's my finest crop to date & I feel she is in trouble. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. when they say flush, they mean giving it water without any nutes in it......but not all at once, just at regular feeding hours.
  3. I know that , lol. I have trouble being clear I think when stating my q's. my q about flushing was about the method Subcool & Chemdog mention in this article in HT. They both say they flush either "everday or regularly"for the last 2 weeks. ( can't remember exact quote but I can find it if it will help) So, do they mean flush it ( of course w just clean water ) every day for the last 2 weeks? Or flush it regularly for the last 2 weeks, meaning - flush it very third day or so the last 2 weeks. B/c if you literally flushed it w 3 gal of water per 1 , every day for 2 weeks , I would think that would be too much water , but I don't know. So my q is which does anyone think is the right way?

  4. Theres two types of flushing. 1) when you have a problem and flush the soil with 3 gallons of water to every gallon of pot size. 2) flushing the plant with just straight water the last 2 weeks of flowering. You want to do number 2 so just use straight water and water your plants like you would normaly do with the same amount of water.

  5. Ok thanks man, so that's all they meant. Great , appreciate the help

    As per my smell problem , I still could use help there too, I've been thinking, in the mean time I'm going to raise them a little & poke some holes in the Grwbag. Also I know it's not advised, but should I let them dry a bit?
    I think it has to do w one of the new things I added the Blk Strap Mollasses & the shallow wide grow bags instead of the normal size I used before.
    Any help would be great.
  6. Are they the plastic or fabric grow bags? I tried both the Smart Pots which are like a fabric grow bag and also tried some Super Root Air Pots and with the Smart pots I learned that if you didnt raise them up a little bit they liked to stay damp on the very bottom. I now only use the Super Root Air Pots. As for smell that should go away when you start your flower flushing.

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