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  1. hey guys! So i have my 1 HP Leader submersible pump connected to a 3/4inch PVC pipe which lays down to the plants where it is then connected to a separate 1/2 inch pvc pipe at each plant. Each 1/2 inch pipe is connected to a 1/2inch tube that has the end bended and tied with a zip tie. SO finally I then have a 1/8inch polly tube poked into the 1/2 inch tubing. And then an adjustable dripper connected to that. Well, the problem I have is that the water pump seems to be too strong. I Cant get even amount of water in all my pots. So what can I do to control that? And how can i make this automatic? I have it set up to water whenever I plug in the water pump. So what can I do to control the pressure and make it all drip the same amount? Also, how can I make it automatic? Or if any of you guys have easier setups or ideas, let me know! Feeding to over 30 plants in coco! I know I probably confused the hell out of all of you but please help as much as you can, thanks all!!

    For my drainage: I have a hole drilled in the side of the bucket saucer with a 1/2/inch PVC pipe connected into a 3/4 inch PVC pipe which then leads into the drainage.
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    You need a pressure tank with a pressure switch between your pump and the line going out to your plants. You can set the pressure to whatever you want, usually between 20 and 40. The tank will allow the pump to cycle on and off keeping a stable pressure. With these kind of setups you won't have a constant pressure like you have with municipal water, it'll cycle on at your low pressure set point and off at the high pressure set point. You'll also need a check valve between the tank and the pump or below the pump.

    I think I'm misunderstanding your setup.

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