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  1. They are simply too good to not tell people about. If you are even the tiniest bit interested in (power) metal and don't mind some cheese, you must listen to this band. I got their first full album a few months ago and I've been listening to it pretty much solid since then. It's called 'Valley Of The Damned.' Every element is amazing and every member is a complete master of their instrument. Listen to them!

  2. Wow,i'm not even a fan of that genre and i like it. Very good... for that genre. It's always seemed to me like there is too much going on it and ruins the sound.
  3. Damn right! I've just been listening to the album again. I'm really in the mood for fighting evil now. With a dragon.
  4. yeah DRAGONFORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

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  5. Dragonforce... really?
  6. They have good guitarists but I got bored with them a few years ago

  7. Same, and the guitarists are only good in the recording studio.
  8. dragonforce is awesome. i just got their all their cd's a few days ago and havent stopped listening to em.
  9. ....I must be dreaming
  10. Ive herd that they actually speed up the guitars when they're recording....

    I saw a video a long time ago of them doing some concert, and it was HORRIBLE. They weren't in sync with each other at all, herman li couldnt go 30 seconds without messing up, they kept tripping over their cables, it was just horrible.
  11. i ummm... i ummm.. only know them from guitar hero. but i love that song. not a fan of the genre, but through the fire and flames was cool.

    that is all.
  12. Yea i used to listen to a lot of dragonforce, me and my friend actually went and saw them....the show was too weird.... not in a sense of weird people.... this show rates a 1 on scale of weird people at a show but, they just....cant do it as fast in person.
  13. /Dragonforce
  14. Let the people who like Dragonforce like Dragonforce. I don't like them either but I'm not going to point out everything negative about them. Just not my genre of metal.

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