Dragon pipe, Grab or Ignore?

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  1. I was thinking of picking up this piece and was wondering what you guys think. Its hand-blown in USA, 5.5'' and has some pretty awesome detail work in the scales and colors. It would run me about 175$ after shipping and conversion, but I haven't seen any really nice dragon pieces (waterpipe or dry pipe). I'm a big fantasy nerd (specifically D&D) that's why I'd really like a good dragon to display with my other dragon statues etc. If not this guy, any suggestions?

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  2. That is one big hand pipe :) Hard to tell what the second pic is.
  3. The second picture is a close-up of the scales on the side of the head to show the detail work. I really like it and haven't seen anything quite as nice, but 150$ seems like a bit for a dry pipe... I'm torn...
  4. It's really nice, the detail work is amazing. I guess it just depends on whether you can afford that or not. It's a nice piece, so if you can, get it.
  5. Ok heres the real test. Post all your D and D things so we can tell you if we think it be a good fit :) I am sure them DnD costs some good money as well :)

    Honestly I dig the pipe really nice. I be hella sad if it broke... heh. I love dragons as well, but never seen a good pipe yet that I really like.
  6. Lol, that is true what you say about the cost of my DND stuff. I've ballparked the value close to 2.5k$ not accounting for the man hours spent which is substantial! I'm at work ATM, and will post a few pics when home.

    To be honest I haven't seen any dragons nice like this, if anyone has/knows of other dragon glass pieces (water or dry) is love to see those too!
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  7. I would by that in a heartbeat for that price
  8. Ive seen that pipe a few times and had hard mental debates.... still thinking about it.awesome piece.

    ive found it hard to find nice dragon pieces//
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    you home from work yet?
  10. I think the pipe you linked is almost certainly cooler than the one I'm about to post, but since you mentioned the price was high on the one you linked, I thought this one might interest you.

    Empire Glassworks - Sunrise Dragon Hand Pipe

    They've got a few different colors for the pipe and dragon on there, and its half the price. I've never bought from that site before, but maybe someone else can chime in on them.
  11. Ignore. Too much for something youll break
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  12. Haha! I was actually on a big trip in japan shortly following posting, and kinda forgot to post. But the thread revived and I got emails sooooo.... pictures! Thats about 75% of my books and things, basically have all hardcover 3.5 issued books plus a bunch of dragon magazines, and older stuff back to AD&D 1st ed. Tons of folders with campaigns, characters, and general D&D projects. Kinda stopped buying stuff since I developed a homebrew system that I much prefer. Corner piece dedicated to my dragons and such is the second picture.

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