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  1. Saw this little replica of the MFLB on eBay for about $30...

    Anyone know how it compares to the mflb?
  2. Please save yourself the trouble. I have both MFLB and Dragon Lite. The Dragon Lite worked for the first two days. Day three the vapor got really weak,  and by day four it stopped making vapor all together. It is full of plastic and is cheaply made, Just save yourself the trouble and get MFLB 
  3. I've got both. The Dragon Lite has the advantage of not needing to peel the labels off of the battery, but it has a sleeve that you have to use.
    The trench is a little more shallow on the Dragon Lite. It also doesn't look as cool.
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    I have a dragon lite. It does exactly the same stuff as the MFLB but its cheaper. By it off eBay so you can return it if it doesn't work. The "lifetime warranty" from the official distributors website is apparently a load of nonsense.
    The concept of these devices is SO SO simple though that chances are you'll get one that works just fine and you'll be happy with it.
    The MFLB is completely overpriced for what it is and NOT worth paying the money for in my opinion (how they can charge so much for a a piece of wood with a battery and a part that heats up because of this is beyond me). It must only cost them a couple bucks to make each one if you consider economies of scale involved in the mass production of these when buying the raw materials in bulk.
    Buy the Dragon Lite off eBay and you'll be happy. I was :)
    And FYI, the reason I am so against the price of the MFLB is there is a post in one of the forums here linking to how to make one at home for $10 (or there abouts). If it can be made at home, it's a simple production process and not worth the ridiculous profit margin. 
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    The trench is more shallow on the Dragon Lite, but it is wider. This means it provides a larger surface area to vaporise and therefore more vapour. Basic chemistry for those of you who studied it at school.
    The battery sleeve was something I was worried about having to use when I got it because it is just an extra part to loose. I was pleasantly surprised though when it arrived that mine clicks into place in the device when it has a battery in. This means it doesn't fall out the dragon lite so I don't have to worry about loosing it.
    Another positive with the dragon lite is that you don't need to remove the safety plastic on the outside of a rechargeable battery to use it. This means that the dragon lite is arguably a bit safer than the MFLB in this respect.
    The Dragon Lite also has wooden insides surrounded by plastic, and NO solder inside. Therefore when you heat the herbs there is no plastic or solder giving off toxic fumes contrary to what some MFLB fan boys will tell you - it's the wood that is subjected to the heat, not the plastic. Don't listen to the elitist views the MFLB fan boys have because they paid a ridiculous price for a very very basic product.
    To all those who have the MFLB and are happy with it - i am happy that your product works for you and you enjoy it. But i am fed up of reading people bashing this product when the functionality is the same (and arguably a bit better from what I have seen of the MFLB), and all these so called "safety concerns" that the plastic will give off toxic fumes (which I have addressed in one of my previous paragraphs).
    You could argue that it is the MFLB that is unsafe because you have to use batteries with the safety coating on the outside removed. I for one don't think this is much of a safety concern, but you could argue otherwise.
    See, it's crap statements like this that makes absolutely no sense at all.   Again, I ask anyone who is considering the purchase of this vape to read the Dragon thread over at FC.    There have been shills that have been busted for promoting this product and if they existed at FC, they could very well exist here.
    For the record, I am NOT an MFLB fan boy.   As a matter of fact, for me, the MFLB was one of the worst vapes I've ever had, second only to the Iolite.   And this is coming from someone who introduced the MFLB to the GC community here.    Now I'm not saying that the MFLB is a bad vape.   Many people like them, but for me, I was just never able to find the sweet spot.
    The Dragon is total crap as well as the unethical practices of the company.    Again I urge anyone that may be thinking about purchasing this vape to pay a visit over to fuckcombustion.com and read the Dragon thread: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/dragon-lite-portable.4632/.   
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    Look man that's cool and all, but I've given you my honest opinion as I'm someone who has actually used the device. I've not come on this forum to start shit. I'm simply trying to help this guy out based on my experience of this product. And from my experience it's absolute bullshit that the MFLB is a "better" vaporizer than this thing.
    I totally agree with you that the company does engage in unethical practices from what you AND I have both previously seen on the fuck combustion forum. Whether you are referring to the general customer service (some guy on the FC forum couldn't claim on his warranty or something from what I recall and the contact at the company was very rude), or the whole "void the MFLB patent" thing is a different matter.
    MFLB does not even have a patent anyway - it's "patent pending" according to their website. They've applied for one but it does NOT mean they will necessarily get it. It doesn't look like they ever will get one anyway, the concept is far too basic and other companies have started selling more or less same product since they applied for the patent ages ago - history would suggest that they won't be getting their patent. The fact that you can even make one at home would suggest that the concept is too simple to patent, they just don't give out patents to anyone like they used to these days.
    Companies try to void the patents of others the whole time anyway - just look at Google and Apple, and I bet you (the reader, i'm not specifically talking about Iwien now) probably even own one of their devices or one of another company who has tried to do this. The hypocrisy is crazy if you are going to try and justify not using one company over another when you're probably already buying products from companies who do this ALL THE TIME.
    Dragon Lite aren't even copying a patented product here anyway. It's absolute crap to try and justify an argument based on that. 
    I will agree that the customer service thing is a complete joke. But to completely write off a product based on a non existent patent it is supposedly infringing on and a few reports of poor customer service is a joke (doesn't every company get these nowadays at some point anyway?).
    The fact is the product works JUST AS WELL from my experience as the MFLB does and the ethics argument is a bit of a joke considering we all use companies who aren't exactly ethical on a daily basis. We live in the real world here, not some dreamland where there is no such thing as bureaucracy and corporate scum who don't care about the "little man". 
  8. I understand what both of you are saying. It may be a cheap alternative to the MFLB, but jay's making a point. The MFLB is pretty overpriced for a wooden box, a small glass tube, a heating element, and 2 small rechargeable batteries. However, the high payment could be due to the fact it comes with a lifetime warranty, that they follow through with.
    What it comes down to when deciding between the 2, is the question of if you are going to need a lifetime warranty or not. I'm still deciding on whether the warranty will be worth the extra $40-50. I may just want to support the LB company due to the fact that I normally do not like to support mimic companies. But if they're making a similar product that functions just the same, for a cheaper price, I don't see why not.
  9. i just ordered one this monday i have a few questions that i just want to make sure of 
    1. anyone know how long it takes to ship as the website stated that Paypal will send me a tracking number when it ships and i haven't gotten an email on that and how many business days it takes to arrive in the mail to the us.
    2. if i buy these battery's and charger: Enercell 4-6Hr. Battery/Charger Combo : Rechargeable batteries | RadioShack.com  
    are these good for the vape since its 2150 mah (whatever it is) i believe and also would using a 2500-2900 one produce better results or worse and also would using a 1700+ produce bad to no vape at all i really appreciate it if anyone can answer my questions im new to vaping and dont want to spend alot of money on something im not sure im gonna love or not

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