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Dragon Lite.....another Tincture Thread

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by PsychedelicSam, May 15, 2013.

  1. Ok great info. So we saying 1g - 25ml MCT - 5ml lecithin.
    I suppose it's ok to heat both in a double boiler and melt in the wax. Just getting detailed.
    Basically just not sure if heating the lecithin is bad. I could add after I warm the oil ands melt in the wax of it was a bad idea
  2. Don't add the lecithin until the concentrate has infused into the oil then heat it with the lecithin for it to blend and encapsulate, a few minutes of low heat.

    I don't normally use lecithin when I ingest coconut oil but it is very helpful as a sublingual tincture, allowing the oil a path into the capillaries there. Ordinarily an oil coats those and isn't absorbed until it reaches the digestive system when swallowing. I've tried the MCT & lecithin with great success. :)
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  3. Thanks Sam. I had already made 10g worth of tincture, so it was easy to add 1/6 lecithin and reheat. 4 -1g bottles for my buddy, and a 6g/30ml for me.. :) bit of a tolerance here.
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  4. Let us know how it works. :)
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  5. I'm sorry if my questions and concerns have already been addressed in this thread, I haven't had the chance to read all 52 pages yet. So I'm trying to infuse a 5th(750 ml) of 100 proof vodka with a gram of shatter. I decarbed the shatter before mixing it with the vodka and I was wondering if anyone has any advice or insight on the matter. When I finished dacarbing the shatter I put it in my freezer for a few minutes, not freezing it solid, but getting it into a gooey form so that no shatter residue would be left on my baking surface before placing it in my vodka. I've kept the bottle wrapped in a towel and left inside a warm oven, shaking the mixture real good at least once per day, to allow the infusion of the vodka to occur.
    I remember when I initially placed the shatter in the vodka seeing bubbles form along the surface as well as voids in the shatter blob which I'm assuming meant the ethanol was reacting with the cannabinoids in the shatter. Does the reaction happen faster in warm environments or should I just leave the vodka at room temperature? I've noticed that the shatter that is still in the bottle tends to sink straight to the bottom, so perhaps I could immerse the bottom of the bottle in a pot of boiling water so that the shatter softens up enough that I can shake it and more thoroughly mix the shatter into the vodka. Right now the shatter has broken up into a bunch of small gooey blobs, partly from my shaking the bottle regularly. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might be more efficient about this process?
  6. Greetings, Perfidious Tree. Because 100 proof vodka is only 50% alcohol and the rest water, it will take a little more effort to get it to fully dissolve. It will eventually on it's own if left at room temperature for a while and steady shaking like you're doing but that will take a while. The warm oven is dangerous because the bottle can explode if you have the cap on it. There is a better way to do it.

    Using a deep pan, fill it with water and start warming it up. Take the cap off the bottle of vodka and place it in the pan so that the water level is at least halfway up the bottle. Let the water heat up but not boil. As it warms shake the bottle periodically until all the shatter is dissolved. The vodka doesn't need to get hot enough to start evaporating but just enough to complete the infusion.

    The next time you may want to consider using a higher proof alcohol. This isn't going to be very strong, maybe about 25mg per shot for 750ml. If you do use the 100 proof again then maybe pour out a cup or two of it into a jar then melt your shatter into that and pour it back into the bottle to infuse the rest.

    Let us know how it goes. :)
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  7. Thank you for the reply, PsychedelicSam. I should clarify by a warm oven I mean it's warmer than room temperature, not near the boiling point of ethanol or anything like that, enough to keep the shatter floating around inside soft basically. Your suggestion of immersing the bottle in warm water was something that I had thought of doing to speed things along so I'm happy to hear that it's a viable solution. This is my first time trying to make a vodka infusion so I still need to work out my technique. It seems that making a tincture with higher proof alcohol and pouring that straight into some vodka or whatever I want to infuse is more efficient than trying to infuse a lower proof alcoholic beverage directly.
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  8. You don't want it to get hot and the water will provide a consistent, even heat. I wouldn't think that it would take too long and you'd be able to keep it uncapped for safety, though I doubt that 100 proof is nearly as volatile as 190. Better safe than sorry.

    A potent 190 proof tincture like the method we use here can be used to infuse just about anything else you want. You're able to concentrate it to whatever concentration you want. From that stage you can use it to infuse oil/butter, honey, sugar, agave nectar and a bunch of other things using a process called solvent transfer, clean and with no icky taste. High proof tincture is incredibly versatile. :)
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  9. So I placed the bottle in a hot water bath and shook it after it had heated up and it did the trick, the majority of the shatter has dissolved. There is a chunk still remaining which I notice floats straight to the top of the bottle rather than sinks like the shatter was doing prior to its dissolution. Is that shatter which still needs to dissolve or the remaining shatter constituents which aren't soluble and have congealed together and just need to be removed? Either way thank you for your help and I will definitely try making tincture next time I go for an infusion.
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  10. @Perfidious Tree
    Next time try way more cannabis and way less Alcohol.
    You really only need an airline sized bottle of very high proof alcohol. 151-190 is the recommended proof.
    1 ounce booze to 1 gram of extracts like Hash-Kief-BHO is the usual accepted ratio. This means an eyedropper of tincture has enough cannabis to kick you.
    We want to get high not drunk. To low a ratio will have you drunk long before you feel any cannabis effects.
    When using kief I'll go as high as 5 grams per one ounce of Alcohol.
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  11. That could very well be some waxes but if it doesn't dissolve you may want to fish it out and work with it in a small volume of the vodka to see if it will break down further. If so then add it back to the bottle and if not, toss it. The next time you can do as BrassNwood suggested and use one of those small airline bottles of 151, or 190 if you can find it. 1g of concentrate in 1 oz of high proof alcohol is a really potent tincture.

    Here's the guide in this thread for that and it's really simple. :)

    Easy BHO/Concentrate Decarb and Tincture Guide w/video
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  12. That is a great idea, Brass. I never thought of those. I'm not a drinker nor do I fly so I'm pretty oblivious to those but not anymore. I could have used one the other day when I only needed an ounce and had to buy a whole bottle. Those are perfect for a concentrate tincture. I'm going to see if I can find any of those and get a few. Thanks for that. :thumbsup:
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  13. #1033 2CentGuy, Dec 10, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
    Alcohol so nasty though. Stored improperly and it evaporates too. I'm Loving the MCT oil and lecithin mixture. 25ml MCT, 5ml lecithin = perfect, and no burn. Not sure why people keep trending towards Everclear. We are starting with bho correct?
    edit.... I start with winterized bho, so I guess technically I run it thru Everclear as well, but it's purged before the tincture
  14. Alcohol mixes into a lot of things better than oil and it also is absorbed quicker. There are good things to be said for both and both are rather easy to make with concentrates. Honey and agave nectar tinctures are also pretty darn good.

    I'm glad that you like the MCT with lecithin. That's a new trend that not a lot of folks are familiar with yet. It's becoming particularly popular with pediatric and adult medical users. As it becomes more mainstream you'll start to hear about it more. :)
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  15. I agree on alcohol. Although The combination of the burn and nastiness always made me wash it down early. At least with MCT/ lecithin and flavor apprentice, I don't hate life during the dose. I keep it under the tongue for a commercial break. :)
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  16. @2CentGuy
    I've worked with-tried about every cooking oil-fat I could think of or buy at the local markets
    From Avocado to Rape seed and everything in-between. They all work just some hit faster or have an aftertaste-burping issue. Bacon fat for example. Tasty as can be but slow to come on. Really slow like 3 hours.
    MCT and Coconut oil gives me identical effects and the premium price they usually get for MCT just isn't worth it at the amounts I'm using.
    24,000 Coconut oil- hash caps consumed and no plan to slow down any time soon as they are what keeps me functional now. :)
    Leveled off at 6-7 caps at a time twice a day is keeping the evil pain monster way over there where I can barely see him.
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  17. Azbud2001 posted this in another thread. I thought it worth sharing (thanks for the tip). "You can mix salt with your alcohol and make it more pure the salt mixes with the water in the alcohol. Salt water is denser than alcohol so it separates and the alcohol Floats on top of it. You can never get 100% pure alcohol but 98% is good enough."
  18. Does this also saturate the alcohol with salt for those on low salt diets?

    This looked interesting , 10steps of which you speak.....

    How to
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  19. I saw that but I think I'll leave that to others. I'll just buy it the way that I want it. I have a friend who was a chemist and he told me about that a while ago. I'm just not that hard up. :)
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  20. The salt is inert in alcohol but you might have some residue left behind. :)
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