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Dragon Cannabis Sugar - An Edible Bonanza

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Cannabis Sugar for Edibles and Single Dosing

    Serving size is .5 - 1 teaspoon

    1 cup of granulated sugar
    1 fluid ounce of Green Dragon or 2 tablespoons

    Preheat oven to 200 degrees F

    Mix the sugar and GD well. It will look like it's just going to wet a small portion of the sugar but you have to stir it until you get it evenly distributed and it's no longer white anywhere. You can feel the moisture in the sugar if you rub some between your fingers. The sugar will not dissolve in the GD and if you use more that the ounce the GD will just sit on top of the sugar until it evaporates and leaves the THC bonded to the sugar crystals.

    Place your sugar mix in the bottom of a baking dish or pan and place it in the oven, electric only. After 10 or 15 minutes pull it out and stir it around to keep it from browning too much and sticking to the bottom of the pan. Feel it with your fingers again to see how wet it still is and check it every few minutes after returning to the oven. If you catch it just right it will be fluffy still and not need to be regranulated.

    Gas oven instructions:

    After mixing the GD and sugar, let your mixing bowl sit open overnight or until it feels fairly dry. At that point preheat your oven to 200F using an oven thermometer if available. When it has reached that temperature, turn the oven off and place your pan of sugar in and close the door until the heat drops below 170 then repeat these steps until the sugar is dry.

    Another alternative is to use an electric griddle set around 200. Set you pan on the griddle until the sugar is dry.

    Potency is going to depend on how strong your GD is and how much you use. This guide is double the potency of the original recipe I used because just 1 tablespoon as listed doesn't really wet that much sugar evenly enough for a good infusion but I know that 2 tablespoons/1fl oz is just right and 2 ounce might be considered dangerous. ;)

    Store in an airtight container. This sugar can be used in your morning coffee. sprinkled on fresh strawberries or used in your favorite recipes instead of cannabutter or oil. The results are quite pleasant.

    This guide along with many other Dragon edible guides can be found at my main thread Here. It's a long thread so here's a linked Index/Table of contents. Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

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  2. I have substituted canna infused sugar for regular sugar in cookie recipies with great success. I use it regularly in my morning coffee. It is wonderful.
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    I'm in the process of making some Dragon Sugar and I'm taking pictures as I go along to show how easy it is. I started 8 minutes ago. 11:10am local. It should be finished by 11:40am. Once that's finished, I'm going to use it to make some homemade molasses cookies, since I have all of those ingredients without going to the store. I won't be using any infused butter or oil, just the sugar. Stay tuned.
    dragon (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC).gif
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    Dragon Sugar Pictorial Guide and Usage Demonstration

    As mentioned above, I made a batch of Dragon Sugar today and took some pictures to show the process and an example of how it can be used easier than just about anything for edibles and single dosing. The evaporation process in this guide is accomplished with an electric griddle set to 200F instead of an oven.

    These are the necessary ingredients for Dragon Sugar. 1 fluid ounce of concentrated Green Dragon and 1 cup of granulated sugar. sugar1.jpg

    Pour your sugar in a dish and add the Green Dragon. I started this process at 11:10am. sugar2.jpg sugar3.jpg

    Mix the GD and sugar together well, completely saturating the sugar then place it in a larger heat resistant dish to allow for more surface area. Turn on ventilation fan. sugar4.jpg sugar5.jpg

    Turn griddle to 200F. sugar6.jpg

    Place the heat resistant dish of sugar on the griddle and stir occasionally to keep it from sticking until the alcohol has evaporated and the sugar is a light golden brown, dry and fluffy. sugar7.jpg sugar8.jpg

    The Dragon Sugar is complete and the time is 11.38am. It took 28 minutes from start to finish. From here you can use it in your coffee or tea or any other individual usage or add in place of regular sugar to your favorite recipe. Here I chose to make homemade molasses cookies, substituting Dragon Sugar for the cannabutter as my infusing agent. The full recipe can be found Here.

    sugar9.jpg sugar11.jpg sugar12.jpg

    And the final outcome. I only made a dozen cookies and put the rest of the dough in the freezer for later. I ate one and within 15 minutes I started feeling the rush. One of the benefits of using the sugar instead of an infused lipid like butter or oil is that it starts almost immediately instead of an hour or more later. And it has a rush!. I hope you all will try this at least once and you'll be hooked.

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  5. I love the simplicity of your recipes for tinctures and sugar! Looking for MM in non-MM state, and I just never liked to smoke. Your posts are making me eager to find a source! One cup of coffe for no pain? Count me in as a loyal fan!
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    Thanks, EW. I try to make things as simple as possible because my physical situation demands it and I know that there are others in the same situation, so I like to share my experiences. I decided to place this one out in an individual thread because it can really revolutionize everyone's edibles and no more wet hay taste. It lasts longer than anything else I've made and it's so easy. And it has a rush! The pain relief is nearly instantaneous. I didn't want to keep this just in my tincture thread since it's so long and not as many will see it there. 
    Thanks for your support and I hope you can find that source.  :) 
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  7. How does the length of the high compare with Coconut oil?
  8. This is brilliant. Thank you! Easy medication....

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    Mine has been lasting several hours. Coconut oil with lecithin might last longer but it delays the onset of the oil. The sugar takes effect within minutes and still lasts a good while.  :)
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  10. This looks like something I need to try. Thanks!
    Yeah, james, you already know how to do the GD. This is unbelievably easy to make.  B) 
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  12. Seems the same process would work for those patients prescribed Sativex, in parts where GD is illegal...

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    As long as the Sativex is alcohol based but I wouldn't want to be the one doing the experiment. That's kind of expensive, though, and not available in more places than GD. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it would work as well with 151 but it might. Sativex isn't available here in the states yet but if you had some hemp you could make a high CBD tincture, then sugar or whatever.  :) 
  14. I may be going on Sativex soon. It is just an alcohol tincture in a spray bottle. It will hopefully be funded, otherwise I won't be able to afford it.. I will be giving this a shot for sure. Better than mouth ulcers from the alcohol....

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    I'm a wuss when it comes to using Dragon tincture under my tongue and always put it in a drink but you lose the immediate effects of the sublingual/buccal absorption that way. However, the sugar seems to uptake within a matter of moments and allows for a rapid onset of relief.  :) 
  16. I too have made cannabis sugar, and love it!
    I made mine on a griddle, super easy.
    When I put a teaspoon in my coffee it seems to take affect even faster, must have something to do with the caffeine.
    Another great use for GD!

  17. One cup of coffee for no pain and it will give new meaning to wake and bake. I really like the way the sugar comes on, kinda like a freight train. 
  18. One recommendation I might put forward concerning this sugar is to make it as you plan to use it for recipes instead of having a lot just sitting on the shelf, other than your single dosing container. If kept in an airtight container, the THC should remain active but could become degraded by oxidation over time. If it were a syrup or other liquid, I wouldn't be too concerned with it but as dry goods it could become "stale". Since it's so easy to make, why take a chance of losing any potency?  :) 
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  19. I used a couple teaspoons of my cannabis sugar to make a bowl of macerated strawberries this afternoon, by this evening they had created a wonderful sugar/strawberry juice glaze.
    I used half of this to make a daiquiri in our Nutra Bullet tonight. Tasty, and effective.
    Never thought I'd be making a canna cocktail.


  20. While I realize that you can get a stronger GD sugar by reducing your GD further before adding to sugar, has anyone tried adding GD to the sugar more than once?

    For example say you wanted to make the Dragon Sugar twice as strong, but do not want to set up a double boiler, can you add one ounce, get it dry and then add another?

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