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Dragon Ball Z Theme Song Help

Discussion in 'General' started by Glass Soul, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Hey there. Sitting here baked with my friend and we're watching the DBZ series all over again. We just watched the episode where super saiyan Goku fires one final blast at frieze and destroys him. After that happens there's this like, angel, church like theme that plays while namek is being destroyed, and it's been played countless times throughout the series but we could never find out the name of the theme.

    If any DBZ fans know what we're talking about help us out, all youtube clips cut off before the theme plays, but here's the link to the fight:

    [ame=]Goku Kills Frieza - YouTube[/ame]

    After the scene at 3:50 is when the theme begins
  2. dbz forever shits awesome.

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