Dragon Age vs Baldur's Gate?

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  1. Are the 2 similar? I loved Dark Alliance and Dark Alliance II, but there's no game like that on PS3.... Unless Dragon Age is like that?:confused_2::confused_2::confused:
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    Dragon Age is more like Neverwinter Nights, which is similar to Baldurs Gate in design but very different in execution to the Dark Alliance series. Dragon Age 2 blows.
  3. Kingdom of Amalur is KINDA like the DA games... but its a lot more like fable with hints of elder scrolls
  4. If I were you, I'd pick up KoA: Reckoning if you can find a copy for around $30. Dragon Age blows. (IMO.)
  5. They called it the spiritual successor but no, not really.
    Brilliant game though, can't wait for the baldur's gate enhancemented editions this year.
  6. I don't know guys. I think I'm totally going to get murdered for saying this but... on console, DA2 was pretty fun. Yes, limited dungeons (where WERE you, Bioware art team!?), yes no spamming the "Let's get frisky" option with romantic choice (come on, they were so lame they were hilarious to watch!), but... the story line was pretty cool.
    I'm sure they'll take the small amounts of good left over from DA2 mix it in with the huge amounts of awesome of the first... and make a super game.

    And I agree; it's a lot more like NWN than Baldur's Gate.
  7. Lol other than Dark Alliance (first one) the only baulders gate i got very immersed in was BG2: Shadow of Amn on PC.... and it was NOTHING like DA, but semi similar to NWN, other than its graphics didnt come close... then after NWN i played some Temple of Elemental Evil... that game was just fucking ridiculous lol you had to kill chickens for so long before you could do SHIT
  8. No way I thought it was pretty good.
  9. For a dungeon crawler in a cunning disguise it was a fairly solid game.
  10. all im going to say is Baldurs gate cannot be beaten.

    i remember spending days playing through one of them, cant remember which, and we were saving up all the shit we found to sell it, and we finished that area and the last fucking zone had no vendors at all. so we had to beat the shitty last boss after like 20 tries with an undergeared sorceress, and a warrior. (the warrior was the only useful class in the game).

    also i remember seeing enemies use this crazy ass lightning orb spell, so i was like "oh yeah thisll be awesome" and grab it myself... it did virtually 0 damage and i became the guy who sits at the closest respawn point while the warrior does all the work.
  11. Thanks for the replies

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