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  1. I'm currently drafting a new growroom for my brother, who "doesn't have time to grow." I'm looking to make an all inclusive continuos closet.
    I'm thinking
    veg- 3x3x6 room
    400w MH w/8'' in line cooltube

    Flo- 3x3x6
    1000w HPS w/8'' in line cooltube

    10-12 week veg in square foot screen. This is my only concern, veg seems a bit long, but big bro gets what big bro wants.
  2. Hey Go...

    I'm not sure what your question is?? :confused:

    Yes.. a 10-12 week veg is a long time. Flowering can take 10-12 weeks (depending on the strain.)
  3. 4 plants at a time, in 3gal hempy buckets, Lucas formula. The goal is 16oz harvest every 10-12 weeks.

    Any thoughts folks?
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    Yea, most likely end up killing power to the veg box for a month at time, the fire up and toss in the new clones 4-6 weeks before harvest.

    Just looking for ideas, input.

    EDIT: kushberry! I'm growing kushberry by DNA. It's a blueberry - OG Kush hybrid. 11 week flower on avg. I believe.
    My first grow, using clones.

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