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  1. Hello Everyone.

    So this is kind of my first grow... Kind of only because I just started my actual first grow about three weeks ago. Didn't really take any photos primarily because I was too busy worrying about getting everything done for the first time. Being that that plant is now well on it's way, I figure I should start another one in the event that something goes wrong with the first. I should have time to correct anything that may have went wrong with the first plant (such as over/under nuting, mold, etc.).

    White Widow
    -She was 6" tall after I planted her in the Hempy Bucket. One fresh leaf and three-chopped leaves from rooting process.

    I actually swapped-out the 4" fan that I list in the pics for a 6" one to get the temps down a bit more. With the 4" booster fan (you can't see it in the pics, it's mounted in the "sock" behind the HPS) the temps got up to 89 degrees when running the HPS, measured 8-inches below the light. The 6" brought that down quite a bit.


    Cutting Edge Solutions Three-Part system
    Botanicare Cal-Mag
    Atami: Bloombastic

    Being that I am new, I have no idea how these nutrients will perform... The bloombastic was free and so I'm using it with the Cal-Mag to hopefully replace the other three additives that Cutting Edge Solutions provides.

    My goal with this grow was to try and control--as best I could--lighting, temp, humidity and air-flow. Don't want to get to crazy with nutrients and have to deal with a bunch of crazy factors I don't know anything about if/when something goes wrong. One thing at a time, one step at a time...

    After she grows a bit I'm going to bend and tie her down. Right I'm twisting her so that once she bends, all her nodes will be on top (most of them already were).


    PS: The cabinet is 15" x 15" and is 48" high. I have it tucked away in the corner next to a bookshelf and have a potted palm on rollers placed in front of it. Also just happens to be a corner window that I can vent out too.

    PPS: ADVICE!!! TIPS!!! SECRETS!!! Anything I missed?!?!?!?!


  2. looks awesome. and extremely organized which helps reading it. i dont have tips but you look like your on the right track
  3. One thing I hate, is when people try to get help but don't help themselves by making their posts easy to read and respond. I'll try and update as much as possible.
  4. Started the LST work... Tied her down sideways and will be stretching her the length of the pot. In the meantime, I topped the lower node where the plant was bent. From there I'll hopefully be able to pull the two top in opposite directions (up and down the pot). If the lowest node develops, it can have the space to the right. Might end up looking like a cross if it all goes well...



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    It's a really good looking post - really helpful for those of us considering growing. What is the space dimensions of your tent? Is this a good tent for those stealth conscientious?

    Edit*. So I reread your op and saw your dimensions... Is the tent actually in a cabinet?
  6. Yeah, the dimensions are 15" x 15" x 48". Right now it's literally in the corner of the kitchen, next to a black bookshelf that kind of helps conceal it. I just cleaned out a hallway closet that I had some random junk in and am planning on throwing the cabinet in there. Get this... As I was sweeping out the closet (first time doing a thorough clean in there since moving in) I kept finding dried-up bits of MJ leaves! Apparently I won't be the first person growing in that closet :)

    I actually have two of these tents... One with a LA Con in it, and this one with the WW in it. It works perfectly for stealth in regards to being able to hide them in different spots. I imagine you could hide them behind speakers and what-not. I wanted to go as stealth as possible, but didn't want to go with one of those "PC" grow cases, and most of the tent sizes require a bigger investment in regards to lights, ventilation, etc. This size is perfect and is--so far--easy to manage and control.

    Two things that make this perhaps not the most stealth... When you drop the fan in through the top, you will need some way to block the light from just beaming out of the hole. I went to a hardware store and picked up a vent cap with angled slots in it, painted it black, and capped the fan with it. This helps a ton... To fully block the light, I got one of those plastic file holders (the blacks ones that are stackable... usually one a desk filled with those manila folders) and just laid it on top to block the light again. Works fine blocking the light AND I throw in a little tin with some ONA gel in it under the file holder and it helps with the smell.

  7. Is the fan loud? Thats one of the main things i've found that blows the whole stealth concept. I can keep the light from leaving my closet but i can hear some fans from outside the room,
  8. The exhaust fan isn't that loud (the 6" booster fan). The slimstik fan is a tiny bit louder when it's on full blast, but since I got the 6" exhaust fan I don't need to run it at high. All zipped up you can barely notice it if you cover the top vent. In the closet I can't hear a thing.

  9. Quarter-strength nutrients until her roots take... Then I'll go ahead and see if she can handle half-strength. I'll go ahead and wait for another inch of growth before I make another tie.

    In the meantime, here's a pic of the LA Confidential Clone that has a couple weeks head start. This image was taken about a week after I planted the clone into the Hempy Bucket. One day one she was smaller than the White Widow clone from above. TONS of growth, very bushy. Trimming suggestions? Let it be, clean it up? Anyway, I tied her down and after a week she's about three-times as bushy with about eight equal-sized "tops."

  10. Wow thats going awesome. how long are you going to veg before you switch to flowering?

  11. The LA Con clone just went into flower after about 17 days in Veg. She started as a clone, so she already had two full leaf sets. About a week after being planted the nodes were already alternating (not sure if that means anything since it was from a clone or not...) so I figured it was time to flower. Also, she was at about a third of the overall height I wanted to shoot for (what was recommended to me as a starting guideline).

    The WW (the one being trained) will probably go another two weeks or so depending on how fast she grows. From the info I've gathered from the person who raises the clones, they're vegged for a couple weeks before being sold and that many people he provides for, take the clones they get from him straight to flower.

    So right now (being that I'm not quite what to be looking for as good signs to start flowering), I'm pretty much going by how much space I have to grow. Again, I was told to plan on the plant growing up to three-times taller during flower, so to plan accordingly.
  12. Going to make another tie this evening... I'll post a pic later. I expect that any moment now she'll get a little growth spurt from her roots reaching the res.

    PS: Once the roots hit, I'll go ahead and take it up to half-strength nutrients.
  13. So I made another tie this evening... The tops are all starting to turn upward toward the lights rather nicely. Better than I had expected. Still on quarter-strength nutrients for now, but I'm thinking that may change within the next few days. For now, till the roots hit the bottom, I'm watering her a little bit everyday, rather than flooding the res.

  14. Nice plants.
    I really like the dr40 but ima go with something just a little bigger.
    The dr60 or even thé dr80 if I have enough room for it.
    Keep ut up and keep posting picks.
    GC loves high def pics!!!!
  15. Made another tie this afternoon. Also, the next feeding will be at half-strength nutrients.

    The top that I FIM'ed has already developed into two and should grow nicely. Tomorrow it will be one-week since planting in the Hempy Bucket.


  16. damn you must have a nice ass camera haha
  17. most of the photos were taken on my iPhone... all of them except the ones of the tent itself. those were taken with a nikon dslr.
  18. Half-Strength nutrients... Made another tie today and counted around 12 "tops"
    already. I topped the actual top to give me two more (it'll be the last cut).

    Will be switching to the Cutting Edge recipe for pre-flowering in a bit after the new tops come in a grow a bit.
  19. I need to get an iPhone!:hello:
  20. looks real nice. but i was wondering, what is the reason for those strings tied to the branches?

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