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Dr Pepper + Orange Fanta

Discussion in 'General' started by nineonedeuce, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. My friend at work discovered that mixing roughly equal parts Dr. Pepper and Orange Fanta makes a delicious drink that tastes like cream soda. I like a little more Dr Pepper than Fanta

    I couldn't believe it but it really does taste good. Thought some others might enjoy this drink, especially if you work in a restaurant and have both readily available
  2. +Smirnoff Green Apple
  3. 3/4ths sierra mist + 1/4th strawberry kool aid.

    my tokin drink every night

  4. I go with orange cool aid.
    On special occasions, I use the tang.


  5. mmm, sounds delicious. Thanks for the recommendation
  6. When I worked in fast food (sucks man dont do it) people at my work used to mix dr. pepper and mt. dew. I have no idea if I thought that was good or not but they all drank it all day haha.
  7. I like to drink any two sodas mixed. ;) I do it all the time...
  8. mix the green fun dip with ginger ale. tastes just like monster
  9. I wanna try Sprite with Orange juice.
  10. sprite and orange hi-c will make it taste just like an orange soda, also orange juice and sweet tea mixed together is SO good.

  11. Nice, thanks for another recommendation, never heard of mixing sweet tea and OJ. I do love sweet tea though so I'll give it a shot.
  12. i love rootbeer
    thats my shit fosho
  13. I only mix my soda with liquor because soda has no nutritional value, costs money, and makes people fat. So why the hell drink it.? Yes it's true that liquor is bad for you too but at least it only makes you ugly on the inside.
  14. Sprite + Spiced Rum = Cream Soda that gets u drunk.. I don't drink but there was someone here that does and someone else had left spiced rum.. Was trying to figure out what to mix it with, saw there was sprite, looked it up on the web and read it tastes like cream soda so I did it, tested a lil and god damn, it did..

  15. I drink Diet soda whenever I can.
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    Diet soda taste like sharts
  17. And is still completely void of nutrients.
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    Lmao grasscity
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    Lmao only someone high as fuck

  20. That does sound really dank tho :smoke: haha

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