Dr. patient confidentiality broken? Dr. told about cannabis use and told court

Discussion in 'General' started by Crawfordthedank, Jan 29, 2014.

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    My friend came down with schizophrenia and one day a year and a half ago he was off his rocker at his house and his parents called the police to get the situation under control. As the police came of course they give my friend some sort of domestic violence charge because he smashed a wall.
    My friend got on prescriptions and didn't smoke weed for a very long time. After a bit the meds started working, and he got a hold of weed and it really didn't do anything negative. He stayed on his meds and right now is not in any crazy states or had anything bad happen. He even is going to college after a year an a half of taking meds.
    He told his Dr. that he smoked marijuana and my friend said that he thinks that the cannabis helps him relax and keeps the schizophrenic thoughts at bay. I personally thought that cannabis would be bad to take if you were schizophrenic but really its not if your on medication and all I have noticed from my friend smoking cannabis is him turning more himself. Even his parents agree that cannabis hasn't had an Ill effect on his behavior.
    Well the Dr. Told the court and now my friend has probation drug tests, "to see how the drugs work with out cannabis." I mean if the drugs are working and cannabis hasn't done anything bad, why are they forcing him to stop smoking?
    The major question is, is that a breach of the Dr. Patient confidentiality?

  2. Hmmm not sure, but tell your friend if he has any other doctors to go to than he should stop going to that doctor.
  3. Cannabis is not good for those diagnosed as schizophrenic, it can trigger events like he had.
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    This. Though of course it's not going to cause adverse reactions in everyone with schizophrenia, but there's a pretty well established link between the two.
    Was your friend not already on probation for the domestic violence charge?
    You can (and are actually obligated) to break HIPAA if your patient is a threat to themselves or others. Otherwise, yes, it is illegal, except between parents of minors and such of course.
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    I find that to not be the case. Truly, I thought cannabis would be bad since that what everyone says. I did my research and I was really against my friend using cannabis. All I read over and over again is cannabis triggers schizophrenia and other mental illnesses and its bad for them. That is not the case with my friend. 
    I used to try and stop him from getting cannabis untill it was just too much work and I can't make decisions for other people. He started to smoke again and I got worried. But then I noticed that he was still getting better even after smoking. The meds worked and trust me I smoked with him many times when he was schizophrenic (my friends and I still were trying to figure out what was up with him) and that shit was WAY different then him smoking now.
    My psychology teacher who has a PHD and does lots of research told me that cannabis does't cause schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is predetermined, genetically/environmentally, so instead cannabis is kind of like a self medication for the illness. Meaning people who are schizophrenic will more likely seek drugs to cope.
    From what I can tell my friend is not schizophrenic because of his meds which he takes. The cannabis literally has no effect at all and I know what the fuck I'm talking about. It pisses me off how illegitimate some information is against cannabis. 
    My friend has been smoking for almost a year on meds and he is pretty much normal. No crazy stuff has happened and his parents that were totally against smoking also think that cannabis has don't nothing negative. I was surprised but I shouldn't have been with all this bullshit propaganda that has been cooked up over the last 90 years. 
  6. Cannabis is not good for those diagnosed as schizophrenic, it can trigger events like he had.
    If the dude does not have his head screwed on strait then his use is not a factor.
    He just needs to quit doing stupid shit.
    How is my friend a threat though? He is literally back to himself and I have seen all the schizophrenic stuff. I have known him since 3rd grade. 
  8. It may be very possible that his doctor knows something that you do not.

    Personally, I think that many schizo and psychotic people belong in mental institutions for their sake, and society's.
    "Can" I smoked with him 100's of times over the summer and every time he seemed to get better. He says that cannabis helps him and it has been argued that CBD's help schizophrenia. Where are your facts, with actual evidence. 
    I used to think like you did, but what my friend did surprised me greatly. It would be a different story if he was off his meds. If he was off his meds then I could see something bad happening. 
    I don't think you understand schizophrenia. I have seen it all. The onset, the craziness and the back to reality. I can tell when my friend is schizophrenic and trust me his is far from that state. He is his regular self. He realizes that he was crazy and never wants to be like that again so he takes his meds and sees his Dr. 
    When I smoke with him nothing changes at all when he is on meds. The meds are the most important part, thc does not induce schizophrenia don't believe that bullshit. People who have schizophrenia smoke it when they are already crazy as fuck then do some stupid shit. It doesn't all of a sudden come up and get really bad. At least for my friend. 
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    Dude you realize there are medications out there that balance the chemicals in your brain, which in turn fix the schizophrenia. A schizophrenic doesn't have to be crazy all the time, its about taking meds. Thats fucked up and too bad jail is the US's mental institutions. Because jails really know what to do. 
    Schizophrenics can be themselves when they have the right amount of medication. Locking up regular people that take their meds and were born with a disease they have no control of is fucked up. 
  11. Perhaps something else he said to them? A seemingly benign comment could definitely be misconstrued, especially in a schizophrenic patient with a history of violent behavior. He obviously didn't say too bad though, or else that'd be involuntary lockup, or '5150'. I wish I could tell you more, I still don't understand the situation cut and dried.
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    My friend and his parents told me everything dude. They say he is a threat from what he did a year and a half ago, punching a hole in the wall of his room.  
    There are ways to go through life with schizophrenia and not be a crazy fuck. Your thinking of people off meds and they end up in jail most of the time anyways. 
  13. how can a person with schizophrenia obtain cannabis and a way to smoke it?? is this dave chapelle shit?
  14. He is legally considered a threat...they are letting him live at home, but he's under the doctor's care. Of course the doctor doesn't think it's a good idea for him to be smoking weed.
    That's because it isn't a good idea for him to be smoking weed.
  15. Not enough info on the legal issue bro. There are a bunch of fine points of the law to consider. What's your beef, that the process was violated, or you just don't like the way things work?
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    JESUS are you guys stupid?......... There is something called medications that alter your brain chemistry and make it so you think normally. My friend take meds and they work. If you were to talk to him right now, you wouldn't know he was schizophrenic and never would unless he told you. 
    I was wondering about the Dr. telling the court about weed. I just want an actual factual based piece of evidence that says that weed and someone taking meds is dangerous. Everything I have experienced is far from dangerous. I realize there are a lot of fine points, but the only "dangerous" thing my friend has done is smash a hole in the wall at his house. 
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    ok, lets toss out all the other shit, focus on the detail:
    he was already diagnosed with it
    he had an episode that resulted in criminal charges and was on probation for the outburst
    part of his probation was seeing that dr the courts had arranged, or accepted
    the dr was legally required to report the ILLEGAL drug use of a probation patient. 'PER THE COURTS ORDER' that required the patient to see the Dr.
  19. ...buying it from a dealer?
    There you go. He's under the doctor's care, he can't advocate him to smoke weed, that could even be a liability issue for him (the doc) should your friend ever act violently again. Not saying it's right or that he will, but I guarantee that's a big part of it. Schizophrenics can undoubtedly act unpredictable, some even when on meds. The doctor is covering his own ass. It would be a liability for him to turn a blind eye on the drug use of a pt with schizophrenia and a history of violence. It's the nature of the beast.
    Yeah that makes some more sense. 
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