Dr. Mengle's JJ Style Grow with Southern Star Seeds

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  1. G'day to all and wellcome to this thread which is going to cover this new endeavor...to after harvest, drying and curing to end up with..a pound!! This is a tall order but what i've been trying to acheive forever and i think i have all the elements lined up..lets get started by covering the genetics

    I'll be using seeds by Southern Star seeds out of Australia..two types..GG Allin (indica heavy couchlock) which is their std line in a 10pk and i'll be trial testing a new line called Cindy Chunk (Bros. Grimm C-99x Blueberry Deep Chunk) the BDC being the the breeders own special strain with former gifted to him by IRG thru Female Seeds..i was given 3 seeds to grow out..thanx again Ronnie G..the cross is supposed to cut flwring time by two weeks if i understand right and hope i got the lineage right..more about that later

    The grower: A cantankerous old fart at 63 today..thanx you i made it Elvis did not..who's been at hydro for 23 yrs and don't know shit. I just haven't acheived the consistentcy or yeild i'm looking for to not run out between harvests..2-3 oz plnt is not cutting it ..my last harvest the biggest using my current gear was 29oz wet wt from one plnt but dried down to only 5.8 oz due to some poor dry techniques on my part..i've been told the ratio is 5 to 1 and that i was spot on..in that case i'm gonna need a bigger boat !

    The Mentors: If you been anywhere in GC you know Jakester Jammin cause he gets around like a village bicyle and his yeilds are legendary as are the pics of colas the size of a man's forearm..and not no girlie man neither..big'un's..now JJ believes that anyone can get his results using his technique of scrogging, nute management, lighting ,and enviroment management..and he's been showing newbies and they do well as long as they lisen and ask questions..with my experience i have to unlearn things that don't work so i'm not doing anything but what i'm told with nutes and the parameters i've been given..i'm gleaning a lot of my info from the TRC alquista grow that i read from start to finish and took copious notes..allthough he's been helpful with my current grow his help came too late and it's overnuted and stunted..check other thread for that.. so he will be in at the start so i don't do dumb stuff..Ronnie G the breeder is keepin a eye out and has already been helpful with info about the cindy's characteristics

    Gear: I'll be using 3 chambers already built with one being upgraded to a cool tube setup..dwc/float valve outboard reservoirs with scrog screens 1 per plnt..dimmable 600w for cab...probally only run at 250w-400w...400w for chmbr two and 120w led for cloner...aquarium used for germination/seedling about 40w of fluros and able to used as mini ebb&flow with Co2 supplementation and has a fan for fast venting..we start the seeds in there..hopefully..

    Nutes; Gonna go with GH this go ..i've been using House& Garden but they are just too expensive and why not go modest if you can get good results i'm gonna use exactly what TRC used in his nute list
    GH3(flora grow,flora bloom, flora micro) $34.90
    Calimagic 8oz $10
    Koolbloom 4oz $14
    Floranectar 1qt $21

    Shopped it out online got my local store to match prices and lock it in on my account..those small sizes of Calimagic and KB i'll get on line tomorrow when i order my cooltube..19'' by the way..not std 27''..my dwc are 5 gals and the res's 8 and 10 gals ..so small size bottles

    Getting started; dec 28 i put the 3 Cindy in shotglass of distilled wtr for two days and then between paper towels for 3 days nothing..i was thinking here we go again 0 for 63 so as last resort i put them in jiffy starter cube anyway..in doing that i dislodged the seed case a little on one of them..wrote about it and ronnie g advised to try to gently break the seed case open as the afgahan mt. heritage made for a very tough seed case to survive the winter..so i crefully got the two out of the cube they were tough as bb's so i figured WTF and put them back in the shot glass to soak..after two days the case cracked a open a little and cracked it a little more and i could see a tap root inside so i put them back in their cubes this morn a drop or two of distilled wtr and under the fluro in the tank at 78 degrees about 62% humidity..nnothing by sun i'll go ahead and drop 5 GG Allin's..i'd really like the cindys to go ..up to the pot gods now..did everything i know how to do..

    So that where we stand for now i'll get more into detail as we go along but here's pics of the germing to start
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    Sounds like its all ready to go here.
  3. Exciting times ahead!

    Who's RonnieG? Lol
  4. OOPS! my bad Reggie..sorry! glad to see you here
  5. ReggieG (aka RonnieG :D) :eek:


    Oh sure Dr., not like putting the pressure on me, ya gunna not only bring in a breeder, but fucking ReggieG....
    Guess I better know my shit huh and this better go well... LOL

    So Regg, please fill us in on the genetics we're using... :D
    I'm kind of excited now to work with the breeder of the growing strain :hello:

  6. Pressure !!!? I been sweating it big time JJ..like it's my first prom..lol..more about everything sooon..gulp!
  7. Shit I'm just excited to have a legend follow along... :hello:
  8. G'day to all..Carpenter came back with completed shelfs,scrog, and new back for cab with cutout for wall outlet .This cab has been thru many incarnations so lots of stuff is already drilled for pwr cords and fans and makes it easy to visualize where i want stuff to go.

    I designed according to what i've learned from JJ perameters and used those numbers to set this up..the scrog is made out of 2''x2'' because 1x1''is likely to break i'm told ( r u kiddn' me!?) so therefore the 2x2...the scrog was drilled to be strung with wire every 2'' to make squares 2'' to facilitate leaf being pulled thru it..it's made to be friction fit..the height is 8'' off the deck of the dwc unit total 19''

    The juxtaposition of the cab is about 38'' from the window and a/c and i intend to put a closable vent like a mail slot on that side at the same height to take advantage of that..the ceiling can be raised to create a draft in addition to the fan..ceiling is recessed to create a heat trap and extra inches to raise lite..

    Whole cab is on wheels and moves around easily..the ballast is outboard as well as the res for the dwc which is 5gals..res 6gals the two connected with float valve in the dwc unit with a shutoff valve on the line..haven't figured out the bulkhead thing yet but i got time..

    Using JJ scrog style observations seems it will be more productive to put the dwc to the right instead of center and work from right to left..now that i got the scrog in place and have the shelves to do spacing the first problems have risen..the corners of scrog need to be drilled so pwr cords can go thru it and the shelfs are way too big..in fact only one can be used and that for the humidifier..

    The ocillating fan isn't going to cut it..too big..to many sq '' of wasted space and tight so wind burn is high possibility..i'll be using the Vornado under counter swivel mounted fan..sweet little unit i've been drooling over but couldn't justify till i made sure the one i have wouldn't work..

    Ordered my 19'' cool tube and humidifier off amazon..used cool tube for $68 humidifier for $29 with discount for registering for their card which i will be turned down for..$107 shipped not bad..Vornado is $34..all will arrive in two weeks..

    The cindy's are looking dudish but raised them closer to the fluros just in case ...sun for GGA drop still unless...

    Reggie could you chime in on yer germing techniques please..mine is questionable and doesn't seem to be working the way i would expect for some reason i can't figure out..

    Next time i'll talk about the gear going in the bx once i get it all sorted out as to what i'm going to use..pics are what i've been talking about
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    For starting seeds, even if the medium to be used is not soil, I always start in soil. A small container kept moist and warm. Preferably outside so the soil gets heat from the Sun. Failing this the seeds in soil under a lamp close enough to get some heat into the moist soil to improve opening times.

    The thing to keep in mind with Indica genetics and the GG Allin is 100% Indica, is to ensure they are kept warm and moist to encourage starting.

    Have as an experiment myself, and for checking viability, actually started 5 on Monday just gone in a small container using paper towel on the bottom and over the top of the seeds, fairly moist, to see what I get. 5 days later I have 3 showing tap root and expect the others in 2-3 days.

    Whatever method you use, soil or paper will get you started. Same seed as yours here I am using too just for comparison.

    I feel bummed for you about the Cindies. Having said that, it was new strain stock, so will check to see what I get here too over the next week and will let you know. Plenty more of them so nothing lost.
  10. Ya I to think I'm going back to soil for cracking my hydro seeds....
    That's all I used to do was soak overnight and into a small cup of potting soil, or them Jeffy 7 pucks..

    This past year or so, I've been trying different things, like the paper towel, Rapid Rooters, Rockwool, and I have to say, I'm about done with it all, and I'm going to go back to soil for popping seeds...

    Seems with everything else I've used, first my success rate has dropped off the charts, but if they do crack and got out of the medium, I'm left with a seedling which cannot get it's helmet off because of that membrane that holds the cotyledons together...

    So I'm left trying to separate that membrane so the cotyledons can open...
    I think the soil creates resistance on the seedcase which helps the seedling not only pull the case off, but also keeps that membrane moist so when the cotyledons do emerge, they can tare it and open up...

    I'm personally just not seeing that with any other seed cracking method I've tried over this past year...
    So again, back to the tired and true method... ;)

  11. JJ &Reg i totally agree and i'm using that dirt jiffy plug as well..so to implement the tips i've raised the tray right up to the fluro temps at 78.9 humidity 52% and took cubes out plastic sleve so they can absorb more heat..still being kept moist using distilled wtr..the CC are prbaly gone but will keep it up till sunday ..

    I'll put 5 seeds in my lucky shotglass with distilled wtr for 24hrs and then into the cubes..i'll dunk the cubes in distilled wtr 1st before i add the seeds..the fluros are being kept on 24/7 and the whole unit is on a rolling rack in my bthrm..my r/o unit is under the sink..

    The tray is suported by mini tupperware tubs filled with wtr and two net cups..the Krankenhaus..hospital..is multi purpose...lit by two curly fluros i forget the watts but i think 20w each..i hand wtr to certain point and then i fill underneath with either r/o or nutes and add pump with overhead fill spout and it becomes a mini ebb&flow..bubbler in the solution and c.a.p cyclestat to control flood cycle.. they'll be in 2'' net cups with hydroton at this point so they dont float away..once the roots show they go in the next size cup and into the dwc to veg under led for a bit to evaluate who gets to go under the hid..the fan is seperate from the lite and i love the inspection port for easy temp control..it used to have blue led in it that made it..sexy at nite as a nite lite in the bthrm.. cost about $85 complete/pump..

    Today is trip to hydro store to check on ballast and bulb and pick up 4.0 calibration fluid to set my pen properly ..i've only been using the 7 to calibrate and after JJ tip to Hortila i better be more stringent if i intend to be running at JJ's recomended 5.7ph but not 5.8-6.0...very tight range to maintain anyway especially with bum readings..H's pen was off .04 till calibrated with 4 so i will do the same..pics are coming
  12. Here are the pics

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  13. subbed, I really am surprised i missed this one...

    looks good so far, im digging all the photos!!!

    keep up the documentation you have going already... this is a no brainer to sub to get the constant updates...
  14. Subbed looking good Dr.M. You have a slew of knowledgeable people in here and it's only page one. You're a lucky guy :)
  15. G'day to all..Today is drp day for 5 GG Allin seeds and no effort will be spared..i'm implementing Ronnie and JJ observations by presoaking my start cubes with distilled wtr and putting them in my favorite sunbeam to warmup during the day and in the K-haus at night under the fluros to maintain the warmth..

    the seeds will go in shot glass with distilled wtr till they crack and then using tweezers carefully put in the cubes and lightly covered with dirt so the friction and resistance will pull the seed case off..the 3 cindy's i could swear i see a speck of green in two of the holes but after 15 days i'm probally dreamin but i'm keeping the cubes moist anyway and under the fluro..once the GGA pop if i don't see something out of the cindy's i'll postmortem them and give autopsy report..

    That's the easy part.. now i've been giving this whole project a lot of thought for a very long time..done couple full grows in this cab in serveral different configurations...250w/hps&mh..400w hps,,90w ufo..120w led..heat is always a problem but manageable up to 400w..now that cooltubes have been invented and priced low enough i'm pretty sure this cab can do 400w so i'm going to use the dimmable 600w at 250w to start..

    Hallmark of a JJ style garden is enviromental control...you gotta have it..if you can't stay on top of that it will be on top of you..it is key imo of all the elements that have to come together and that's tricky the smaller the space gets but that can also be a advantage..

    We're going ALLIN lol!..co2..i haven't used co2 in a while and it gets expensive but it's doable and been done in this cab before. I got all the gear..dated but well cared for so WTF not..the dwn side is i use a 7lb content tank because i have to carry it up stairs and the std size i cannot handle anymore with my arthritis..this little tank has to be filled on site at the plant and that cost extra as well as i gotta get on the freeway to get there..not only that i can only get 5lbs because the machine only fills in 5lb increments so i lose 2lbs as well i don't have an account so it costs the same as 20 lb tank..$24...lasts me at 1.5 lpm every 45min about 3 weeks..it does make a difference enough to make it worth while in the long run and i can budget the expenditure..

    Now to control this stuff i'll be using three different timers that i've had in the spares box..main timer is the Newtek skm703..a sweet little unit but a bitch to program..8 outlets and 4 are on timer..2 for day 2 for nite..you don't program when you want it to come on but off..the clock in it runs on the same battery as in your pen..last about one grow and of course the acess to it is on the back so you gotta disconnect everything to get it off the wall..i've had it 10yrs

    Slaved to that will be the bitch i hate with all my heart..the Sentinel evc-1..let me slag on this bitch piece of crap ..it has never worked as expected or advertised..hydrosorce wouldn't take it back and i couldn't even sell it on CL for $100 off..it was not a impluse buy and i agonized over the expenditure and did a whole lot of research..i got screwed imo..BUT i've learned a lot since i got it last year and maybe i'm not approaching it right..my silent series S&P fan wasn't quiet till i took three 90 degree turns out of the ducting reducing backpressure..so i'll install it like it's going to work..at worst i can manually overide if i have to and at best it actually works as expected..slaved to that will be my trusty C.A.P ART/DNE cyclestat that has never failed me..it'll handle co2 and irrigation on the same cycle..I wish i could have JJ's big ass Sentinel but i will try to ape it using these 3 devices..as a side note when i complained to hydrosource they sent me a polite snarky e-mail "we haven't had ANY complaints about our Sentinels "a year later WTF aren't you selling them anymore ? Now they're pushing Autopilot..prices are not bad..JJ i'd love you to review one for all of us po' folk..you reviewed that fan and they can't keep it in stock..lol!

    I like to lay all the gear out and think about it..visualize..test it..then measure for fit already i've figured out i need the corners of the scrog drilled so cords can get thru..getting the dwc in facing the right direction will be tight but raising it in the back 1'' will make it shorter in front as well as create a pool when draining it in place

    Ducting will be a combination of flexi aluminum ducting and rigid duct for less resistance..gonna use 3 dayton fans and a squirrel cage blower..1 on liftable roof,.1 for cool tube intake..blower for tube exhaust..1 for intake to suck in a/c air on that side of cab..

    One of the shelfs will go outboard to hold the co2 tank another will be inside to hold the humidifier that will arrive next week as well as the lite..i had to back off the Vornado under counter fan for now as i have another that does same thing..just not as kool..lol!

    I'm gonna read up on B-saw's making a door light proof tutorial and see if i can apply it here..carpenter says rubber strip dwn one door with a header at the top and bottom for the doors to close aginst...headers wil work but the scrog will need to be chafered for the doors to close flush with the strip on it..the holes for the wire to go thru the scrog to be strung need to have a slot connecting the holes so when draw the wire thru it's flush from hole to hole or it won't fit flush..one of the scrog supports has to be cutback so the Newtek can fit there..the intake flange is recessed for the c tube ..

    So far i've spent about $107..used cool tube and humidifier..everything else i had laying around in spares..check all the stuff i'm not using..6'' pancake tapers are gonna cost as i need two..

    Once my tube and humdfir get here i'll have the carpenter over and we'll get this fitted up with gear placed and that intake vent cut on a/c side...fire it up do some checks then take the stuff all out and paint it white then reinstall..i'd say 2 and half weeks to complete totally..pics are what i'm talkin about..

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  16. Sweet as I'll be watching this one for sure I'm running some southern star genetics too all organic got the Chung li , super deluxe , bubble fuck and the mixed bag all stars going at the mo and I'm extremely happy so far big thumbs up Reggie g I tell you what man the chungers sure are smelly fuckers haha.

    Looks like your gona piss it in with this grow cobba lookin forward to seeing these green monsters
  17. Hey WTF!!??!! I resemble that remark! :D

    Subbed for the knowledge and to see what the old guys are up to. :rolleyes:

    Cheers! :bongin:
  18. G'day Dr., looking foward to this one!
  19. G'day to all..especially all you new riders.Today i got my tape measure out and started working on the other chambers. Everything already is built and we got plenty of gear..i just gotta make some modifications .After careful reflection and thought (3 J's ) i'm upping my goal..3plants, 3 scrogs, 3 chambers..all underway at the same time for a massive harvest rather than my usual perpetual thing..

    Couple of factors..the temps are pretty cold this winter and i need to take advantage of that by using leds in a chamber that has no vent systm if possible..that 1 for 5 thing in the drying process kicked my ass last harvest..

    What was cloning veg chmbr will now be a flowering chmbr with a scrog and dwc fed by a resevoir that will also feed the adjoing chamber's rolling rack with dwc..that dwc will use float valve with inline shutoff so it can be disconnected at the float valve when i roll the rig out..the other dwc unit is the old ebb&flow unit so it is plumbed allready..i'm going to feed that using JJ's header principle..the deck will be made bigger so the unit is flush with it making the wtr seeks it's own level thing possible

    The stool the bucket will sit on i found alongside the freeway one day ..it's a kid's play stool ..perfect height no alteration needed at all..float valve $11..1/4'' bulkhead fittin $4.50..

    I'll use the 120w & 90w ufo in there ..i've been running the 120w in there today checking temps and it's good..under 80 when the adjoing chmbr is 81 with a vented 400w hps..very good

    Tomorrow the seeds go in the cubes after soaking for two days and in the sunbeam..i checked the presoaking cubes to see what kind of temps with pointatemp meter 85-100 degrees..got my aquarium thermometer chking seed temp wtr at 88 under fluro ..the two balance so its the cubes daytime fluro nite time till they pop then all fluro..

    Gotta hit Lowe's for rubber strip and screws for the Dayton fan..budget $11 i love the fabrication when i don't have to bust ass too much or spend $..you new riders can track back to my current grow on the other thread that's in flowering..get caught up..pics are what i been talking about so you can see the juxtatposition

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  20. OK but I only do HID grows.... :p

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