Dr. Krippling Seeds: Available Now at The Vault!

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    If you have a hankering for something ‘exseedingly’ good to add to your collection, look no further than the doctor of dankness himself: Dr. Krippling – available now at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store!

    Whichever strain you pick from team Krippling’s line-up, you won’t be disappointed: Expect outrageously massive yields, intense flavours and mind-blowing effects by the bucketload: Oh, and if there were prizes for coming up with the funniest strain names, we are sure these guys would have run out of trophy space on their mantelpiece a long time ago!

    Check out our blog post for more information on this new breeder at Dr. Krippling Seeds: Available Now at The Vault!

    Go straight to the Dr. Krippling Seeds selection at Dr Krippling Seeds
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  2. Wouldn't mind a tester/freebie see how they go in sunny Australia outdoor...... momma always told me if you don't ask you don't get

    Follow my continuous outdoor grow First Grow Outdoors
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