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Dr. Grinspoon (sativa)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by shimz, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Anyone ever smoked Dr. Grinspoon? Its from Barneys seeds
    pure sativa. looks insane, super thin stems with all podded bud.

    Been looking for it in the Bay Area forever, now I live in LA and no luck here either!
    Dying to try it![​IMG]

  2. not alot of growers will grow something with very low yields like this unless its a side project or some sort
  3. Most likely the reason you can't find is because nobody is willing to spend double the time caring for the plant, when they can get an OG cut and have it finished in half the time. All comes down to the cost effectiveness and it isn't very cost effective to sit on a 12-14 week flowering plant.
  4. heard of this never had it for sure BUT Ive seen some stuff like this. it was weird. it was frosty AF... but didnt have real nugs...just little pieces like those pics up there. We thought it was a diesel cross. Smelled like crazy. But it was fire i remember that much. never seen bud in that formation ever.
  5. I've vaped some in Barney's coffee-shop, its very nice :D The bud I bought wasn't the bead pheno.

    Its a nice Sativa which cost less than some of the others but has a long flowering time. Femaleseeds Black Widow also has a pheno which grows like that :smoke:
  6. Holy shit i smoked this back in high school. Ive been looking for years what it was. They were bright green balls and it was a crazy head high and it smelled SO strong.
  7. is it named after Lester grinspoon? haha
  8. Yes, actually. I've had this strain on twice before and it is some really nice smoke. It had really fuzzy, queer looking buds and smelled really dank. To a lot it isnt worth the time to grow but I plan to do an all super sativa grow at some point. Like only strains that take 12-16 weeks.
  9. BF is the shit breeder :) Always loved their Red Dragon/LSD

    Would love to grow this strain, looks so unique :D
  10. I smoked Dr. Grinspoon when I was @ barneys shop in Amsterdam.

    It was a real good Sativa and looked similar - very spindly.

    Looks great though! enjoy!
  11. i found and have cloned a Dark Angel pheno from crop king that is like this.. it has loooong sativa leaves and clusters of podded seedless beads all over a spidery ass plant, smells pretty great so imexcited to see it finish

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