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Dr. Earth works!!!

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by Deluxbud, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. I gotta share this with my brudahs.
    Grew 20 killer afghan plants with dr. earth fertilizer and soil. Oh my god, this stuff is killer…I've been growing for 15 years and have never seen buds this big!!!!!!!!! way stoney!!!! Last year I used fox farms, they did good, I used to use that chemical shit miracle gro until I realized I was poisoning my crops…but dr. earth is the best I have ever used…I harvested twice as much bud in my basement as the last 2 years combined…I love you dr. earth, they should call you dr. bud.
  2. Also dr earth Bat Guano works too!!!, If you have ever used organics you know that they can smell in your house but dr earth is worth a little smell, and it doesnt even smell that bad... for the bud at the end of the day...i would deal with it.
  3. I use Dr. Earth fertilizers, and I'm 100% sold too.
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    You obviously work for them spamming forums, ive seen at least one other post of yours at another forum hyping this stuff

    if not, i apologize, i got wrongly accused of spamming earlier myself!
  5. Sounds like spamming to me ... any pics or proof or anything that contributes to your claims ??? other than you advertising. :mad:
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    Dude, no fuckin way you harvested more in one season than 2 previous combined. youre the dude on the box tryin to sell your own brand.
  7. i just checked their website, looks interesting, i'll give it a shot when i start my next project.
  8. haha yep thats me...haha why the hell would someone like him spam a weed forum? this doesnt make sense. I am just sharin the info i got on this fertilizer. take it or leave it. I did double my crop from the two previous seasons combined. I will get pics up when i can find them.
  9. Dude, mixed, Dr. Earth, bone meal and bat guano into my 5 gal buckets. added some more guano during veg, now use the Dr. Earth bloom & bud enhancer during flowering. Everything is looking great. I will use this again.
  10. I use Dr. Earth's All Purpose and their Bud and Bloom Enhancer myself. I re-use my soils, and have a huge Rubbermaid tote with soil that is re-fortified with the All Purpose, and another tote that is re-fortified with the B & B Enhancer.

    When my clones are potted into 2 gallon pots in early veg, they get the all purpose blend. About 3 weeks before they go into flower, they are up potted into 5 and 7 gallon containers and get the Bud and Bloom soil. This way, as the roots find their way into the new soil in the larger containers, they have the A P and the B&B available.

    Each time they are up potted they are watered in with a fresh compost tea to boost the micro-herd.

    Whether the O.P. is spamming or not..........Dr. Earth is some good organic fertilizers and I'll defend his post. So far, The Doc has done me right:D
  11. Great info a+

  12. With the quality of Dr. Earth as it is, there certainly isn't a lack of sales or reasons to spam anywhere.

    Just a very satisfied consumer.

  13. dr. earth rules. it did give bigger buds than foxfarm light warrior, or ocean forest
  14. im using ff ocean forest for base soil, recycling for outdoor use-clones, and loving dr earth tomato vegetable and herb-bud n bloom ferts. Great results and cheap.
    On my first grow FFOF w/FF bottled nutes I harvested 4 plants for a total of about 10 oz. First grow organic water only soil (ITG mix, second grow overall) I harvested 3 plants for a total of 25 oz. It is absolutely possible he harvested more than the previous two seasons.
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    Shit man.  Can you tell me more about this phenomenon?  What size containers and the wattage on the hps?  Strain?  My ITG mix is like a week away until finished cooking :)
    I used 5 gallon self watering containers (plastic buckets not smart pots) on my first grow I did not use the self watering containers. I vegged my plants for about 2 months I used LST training I train them down and around my buckets until they get too big for the veg room (I must mention what took 2 months in organic water only SIP bucket took 3 in FFOF). THe biggest difference was when flowering came. The plants stretch until you think they are done stretching and then stretch some more. I used a 600 watt metal halide for veg and a 1000 watt high pressure sodium for flowering. I got 8 ozs + on a Pandoras Box x Jack The Ripper strain and Northern Lights strain and I got 9 oz + off a strain called You Don't Know Jack (basically the guy I got the seeds from had a bunch of random stuff did not know the exact strains). Compare this to 3 plants of 2 oz and 1 plant of 4 oz on my first grow. I think this new mix I have will be better as my first grow did not have the greatest quality humus. I also had humidity at about 70% and temperatures in the range of 84-90 degrees. I think the one thing you should work on is getting some sort of a self watering container built. Whether you use the smart pots or the plastic hard pots you can achieve this. And get your humus right. I think the 2 KEYS to why my yield improved so much were the SIP buckets and the fact that I actually had healthy plants. The key to healthy plants is quality humus. With FF bottled nutes you do not create a healthy plant, when you start feeding the soil and the microbes in the soil instead of trying to figure out how to feed the plant you create a healthy plant. Other than healthy plants and SIP buckets the biggest improvement in your yield is determined by how you train your plants. If you grow a plant straight up and down and then you train the same strain around your bucket and let it fill out you will get a big yield difference.
  18. I just started growing. This was my choice. Dr. Earth organic all purpose fert 5-5-5 for veg. I did ok?

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  19. What fertilizer tomato ?..

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