dr earth dry amendments how much and how often?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by WadeWilson_420, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. if anyone is familiar with using dr earth dry amendments could u tell me how many tble spoons and how often to feed in flower, in a 3 gallon pot with pre amended soil.. i know all plants are different and some take more nutes than others but just wanted some advice from anyone who has actually used it.. for a autoflower btw.. thanks!

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  2. Slow release organic nutes... I'm just not sure they will do very much at all to be honest. That type of stuff goes in the soil before you start to grow, or when outdoor gets scratched into the top. For container plants that will live 90 days or less, I doubt much will be available to the plant by harvest.
    Maybe grab some worm castings instead?
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  3. No some take longer than others to cook like crab meal. Many are actually water soluble but still not as effective as in the soil but definitely works and helps revitalize some as well.
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  4. thnx i appreciate it! next run ill mix it in with the soil but i have been using organic worm castings to mix in the dry amendments each time so at least thats a plus lol.. thnx again appreciate all the help i can get! do u think suttn like a compost tea would help any?

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  5. A compost tea should help more then dry I would think.

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  6. You're trying to grow organic in a 3 gallon pot. Teas are going to be mandatory.
    That pot is less than half the volume of soil that is generally considered minimum sized for am organically grown autoflower.

    Re: mixing those dry ammendments with worm castings, I think that's a very good way to go. At least you will have a chance at those inputs being bioavailable when you top dress them. I would probably mix them into the castings now, hydrate, and let them sit somewhere with good air exchange just waiting to use them as a base for a tea.
    Just being water soluble does not make something bioavailable.
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  7. ok will do! thnx for the help first time growing so im kinda learning on the fly

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  8. Organically growing autos you say?
    There is a thread purpose made for you right hrre: Automatics make good Organic sinse

    Awesome folks that have a tremendous knowledge base. Start at the beggining and you will have plenty to read and learn. Feel free to post questions, ideas etc.. Nobody will bite.
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  9. Hey man just wanted to chime in and let you know I've had a couple really good grows growing in 3gals with organic dry amendments. 3gal is smaller than ideal but you'll just end up with a smaller plant is all. If you have some decent soil you shouldn't need to top dress for the first month. After that I'd probably top dress every 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast your autos finish you should only have to top dress 2 or 3 times. As far as teas that's just a bonus for the plants. They aren't necessary but will help out your plants. Castings are great to mix in with your top dresses. It's hard to overdue it on those.

    You should be fine man how far along are you?

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  10. thanks for the advice appreciate it bro! about week 2 of flower will post a pic tomorrow for ya she looks good!

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