Dr Diddles first ever PC grow - AK48 - Please read!

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Dr Diddle, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Greetings GC,

    I've been lurking a while now and have finally decided to get myself sorted and start a grow.

    Firstly, thanks for checking out my thread - if anyone is interested in the project or feels they may be of assistance, please do sub - There are only a certain amount of issues the search function can resolve, and I really do need/appreciate any help.

    Now the fun stuff.

    I am growing in a PC case with a space of 180mm D x 441mm W x 360mm H.


    Looks legit, except the external fan (will serve as the exhaust for the carbon filter)


    I am using 3x 20W 6500K CFL for veg:


    And a shot of the case side, with a big fan that inputs nice and gently.


    Finally, here is a quick diagram I've done to show the airflow.


    As mentioned in the title, I am using a Nirvana AK48 seed (just doing one plant to start off with).
    If this fails, I have a few more of the AK48 seeds, aswell as around 8 bag seeds from some Afghan bud.

    I will eventually fit a carbon filter to where the exhaust fan is currently located. This is a rough design what it will look like. (seriously difficult to draw on MS paint on a laptop!!!!)


    Thoughts, opinions, recommendations please? I'm looking forward to this! :hello:

    Thanks all,
  2. Well despite this thread only being in early days, it just got more exciting for me.

    Seed has been germinating forrrr.... 56 hours or so.
    Was still sealed this morning at 9am - got home at 5pm and.....

  3. Wow that seems really cool, how much did you spend to make it?
    I really want to start a micro grow after getting some advice from some people
  4. Hey man,
    I spent around $50, as most of the stuff was off of friends and friends of friends.
    Surprising how much you can come across, just by asking.
  5. Wow thats cool, I just did a google search and found a site selling them for like $300-$400. I can buy a new computer with that money...
    Im not good at building things and Im planning on trying to buy a used one or one period
  6. Whaaaat, no no don't be silly man!

    It's SO easy to do, seriously... I suck at DIY and stuff usually but it is really easy.

    All you need is an old PC case, 12V cell phone chargers, some PC case fans, reflective material (car window shade), gaffer tape, electrical extension strip and some cable ties!!
    Oh and a few tools, mainly a drill and soldering iron!
  7. Haha I don't know how to use a soldering iron. But yea, I would really rather buy one to be honest. But if you used a DIY can you send me the link. I want to see what it asks you to buy before you start.
    I mean I would have no problem buying a complete case for $100.
  8. I can write up a thread on how i built mine sometime this week perhaps. I'll see how much time I have :)

  9. There's an entire sub forum bud.

    Do It Yourself - Grasscity.com Forums

    You can find literally anything you'll need to build your box, how you want it, from the ground up.

    Thank goodness for the interwebz right? :hello:

    Good luck
  10. Quick question, people are recommending around 100W with cfl... Should 60W suffice for one plant? Can anyone advise please?

    Update on the seed - a slight more of the root tip has emerged as of this morning. Thought it may have emerged completely, but will prepare stuff for planting it tomorow morning (hopefully)
  11. Are those regular incandescent bulbs? Lol if they are they won't work you need CFL bulbs
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    Hey man,

    They are CFLs yeah haha. They are the only ones i could find locally (even then i had to find them on the net then go to the nearest branch of the shop!)
  13. Holy lol they sell them everywhere here u don't got any hydro shops around? I bought my 105w cfls there and they work like a charm

    You can order them online too how many watts are those? I wonder if they won't work as good with the plastic bulb around it maybe break that shit off lol
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    You're probably in a much different location to me! ;)

    They are 20W a piece but are bright as shit!
  15. Anyone at all grown with similar wattage?
  16. yea i start my outoor grow inside for the first 3 weeks or so... for the first couple weeks its more about how CLOSE you can get the lights rather than how many... ESPECIALLY FOR YOU cuz you have barley and height.. just keep them lights 1-2 iches away at all times and youll be fine

    CLOSE is the key word herelol
  17. Okay, perfect thanks.

    This sort of distance?


    The seed is making a little more progress. Not done much in the last... 20 hours or so... but it's poking out a bit more!!

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    ye thats a good distance just try and get it as close as possible cuz if you dont its gonna stretch and your either gonna have to train it or youll run out of height rele fast i suggest supercropping 1 time also with a combo of lst... youll be able to cover the entire legnth and width most likley... and you shud leave that seed germinating for longer until you see the tap root look like a tail a few mm long..

    idk what your situation is but is there any way you can start your seedlings outside or somethin... somewhere that gets like 5 hours of dirct light... and dont worry to much about hardening them off cuz they do that themselves.. but if you want to stick er outside in the sun and either bring her back in under your lights or leave her outside.. do this for 2 weeks and itll grow quite a bit faster than if you just left it under the lights .. just my 2 cents ...

    oh and also if that seeds doesant poke out anymore in like 2 days id plant her cuz some of my seeds only stuck out that much even when i left them longer
  19. Yep not to worry dude - I only put the pot there as an example; the seed is still wrapped up in that wet kitchen towel!

  20. 60 total (acutal) watts? Your jyust about 40 shy of the rule of thumb but if it's only 1 small plant you should be able to scrape by.

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