Dr. Chronic's Delivery rate.

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  1. Basically how long has everyone been getting their seeds from the Doctor lately?
  2. Whoops! I just accidentally voted for longer than a month. I've never ordered from him so I should haven even been messing around, so that was a monumental eff up on my part. Sorry!.
  3. i get my beans in 5 business days, like clockwork. Ordered about 10 seperate times to he east coast US
  4. Sweet. You are a ballzy man growing on that side of the US. But I'll just add say 3 days to that for the west coast and.... Sweet.

    Thanks to everyone's who's voted so far.
  5. My last order from the doc came in one day and I got Nevilleberry seeda costing £44 ($90) for free. I'm in the UK so my beans always come the next day. The doc Rocks!
  6. The Doc always gets the beans to me within 10 days. And hey, the East side of the US isn't such a dangerous place to grow. We have far less chopper surveillance, I think, than the west coast, and some states are pretty liberal. My home state of Maine has the best marijuana laws in the country(http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=4541&wtm_view=penalties). I sure wish I still lived there:devious:
  7. i live on the east coast and about 6 people i know are growing some dank ass bud like northern lights and white widow outdoors with about 5 plants each.
  8. Um, okay.

  9. Yea but still doesn't seem quite as easy as california. How easy is it to get medical scripts in maine too? Because here it's literally "walk into building, play $100, Sign waver saying $100 is for examination and not guaranteeing a recommendation, meet doctor. No questions asked."

    He literally said "So marijuana is working yes?" and that was basically the end of it.
  10. Sounds great. Do you have to be sick?
  11. Does the Dr send an email when he ships? Ordered my seeds on the 18th and havent heard about shipment. Do they just show up? or do I get a heads up 1st?
  12. You'll get an email. I usually get it within a few days of ordering--a little longer if it's late in the week.
  13. Ive recieved one email about the oreder, confirmation and all that. But nothing since... the dr hasnt even charged my card. Would this be a good call to email him or am I just anxious?

  14. i think it would be interesting to add "seized" to the poll. then we could see the ratio of delivered to seized.
  15. still seems to be pretty fast

  16. If you're over 21. Not at all you can make anything up they don't check records. Under 21 you must have some previous history but this can be anything. ADD. Unexplained pain. Stomach aches lol. Seriously almost anything.
  17. Clear the shit off the couch--i'm on my way.
  18. just ordered my seeds from dr. chronic. didn't charge my card yet so i'm just waiting to see what happens.

  19. HAHAHAHA!!! Right on man why do you think I'm here. I'm a "caregiver" for 3 people in this house too so 30 veg 30 flower 3 mothers is my legal limit. But I haven't even made it NEAR that yet.

    Plus I also just read in hightimes the county by county limits have been overturned for the time being so I'm pretty sure the limit is limitless.... Until someone sues again lol
  20. First time ordering for me. I ordered using a gift card on the Sunday before last. Two days later on Tuesday I got an email that my order was on the way. The following Tuesday (yesterday) I received my order. I live in the states (Alaska) so I couldn't believe how fast it arrived. Dr. Chronic is awesome :D

    I also placed an order with Highgrade figuring that one order or the other would make it through. That order shipped out the same day as the one from Dr. Chronic but it has not arrived yet. Not that I'm complaining about Highgrade. It's only been a week. The Dr. was just superfast I guess.

    I would have bet that the order from Highgrade would have arrived first since Canada to Alaska just sounds so much easier than UK to Alaska. Go figure...

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