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  1. I would like to hear from anybody who has recieved their order successfully from Dr. Chronic seeds. I sent in two seperate payments with money orders enclosed and now Dr. Chronic tells me they never showed up.Its been weeks now and it looks like i will recieve nothing.Dr. Chronic tells me theres nothing they can do.That might be true but i,m now out over 100 dollars and have no seeds and nothing to grow.I am not out to slander Dr. Chronic but the people ordering should be aware theres a problem with missing payments and your shit out of luck if your money goes missing. Buyer beware.If i ever recieve my orders i will immediatly write a retraction to this letter. thank you
  2. I put a trace on the two missing money orders and i should get a reply soon with that inquiry.I thank the people giving me advice on what type of payments to send instead of money orders.I hope i get my money back.
  3. using a credit card or better yet a debit card from your bank is the easiest and safest way... I would never trust sending money orders, especially internationally, although it might not be international for you.
  4. ive used them many times, always with sucess
  5. I sent a cash payment for grape kush to dr. chronic, and was emailed back that the payment had not arrived. My mail normally get to them in 5 to 10 business days. Hopefully its been delayed in the mailing system. Otherwise it would be a terrible lost. First time going thru dr. and not a good experince so far. Thanks oleschool
  6. Money orders are totally in control of the mailing sysytem not dr chronic, so if you don't like that it doesn't get there quickly use a debit/credit card/gift card.I've heard of peoples MO's taking months to get there, but still getting their order once it got there.
  7. I was 3 for 3 mailing in cash.
  8. If you are ordering from the States ask the postal clerk to add on
    for "over seas" postage otherwise the letter might end up on some
    fishing boat before it gets to the UK. With "over seas" postage it
    will go by air. Your order might still be clunking along on the
    Queen Mary.
  9. I send in a Money oder on weds for lowryder #2 . and have yet to hear anything. Ill post on what happens for sure
  10. sounds like you got ripped off. sorry bro.
  11. i've used a debit card sucessfully twice. once was drchronic and once was cannabean (an affiliate of the dr) and i got my order within two weeks both times. i don't trust sending mo's, because of this reason here. i've heard too many horror storys about the mo not showing up. if your paranoid about using a debit card (and i don't blame you if you are) then get a visa/mastercard gift card for yourself. you can use these same as debit/credit and i think it might be safer.
  12. No gift cards are not accepted by Doc.
  13. I made the same kind of order last year via money order and got ripped off also from Dr Chronic. I did a trace and my bank said it was cashed so go figure. lol. I am 100% postive there is alot of peeps that got ripped off that sent money orders to this him!!!!!!! Do yourself a favour and order from seedsdirect they are wayyyyy cheaper for the same beans.

  14. the doc was fine with my money order. I'd be careful putting those type of orders on debit or credit. Not worth the risk... Then again some say I'm over cautious...
  15. the name dr.cronic is on a differnt thread every other day ppl,mostly for negative reasons iv neva used em myself so wouldnt like to comment as gospel but theres alot of complaints about em

    also id neva use debit/credit card 2 buy anything from seedbanks or grow shop cos it could attract attention from the 5-0 and lead them staight to ur yard,if possible always always go to a local grow shop and pay cash if u paranoid about being followed back take some1 elses car and go back 2 a "safehouse" 1st

    really hope every1 gets their seeds,peace.
  16. i just find it highly illogical to use a credit card or debit card when you are in the united states. all that can be traced. well, to each his own.
  17. I'm ordering from stateside. The Doc is in the UK. I sent a
    money order by mail w/extra overseas postage on the
    25th of April. I got an e-mail from the Doc stating that my
    order was on the way on the 30th. I received the order
    in a very inconspicuous business envelope on the 5th of May.
    I'm happy.
  18. I've heard mixed reviews, but mostly I've heard that people get good seeds from the dr. I'm going to buy from them next, try it out. That one dude's got a point though, mostly the Post Offices of the US are responsible for mix-ups unless the site is crooked, which if it was it might not get as much business as it does. And I think it's possible that someone else could have possibly cashed the above money order, maybe.
  19. I've ordered from the Doc with money orders no problems, I've had beans in hand in about 2 weeks from when I mailed the order (I'm in the Eastern USA). Money orders are traceable, I'm curious to learn with the OP finds out on his trace.

    Some say that credit cards are "safer" -- how? Credit cards do not offer programs for disputing charges for international purchases, and even if they did do you think you could tell them you are disputing the charges because your illegal marijuana seeds never arrived? Credit cards are convenient and a little quicker, I'll give you that, but otherwise the advantages you usually accrue for purchasing by credit card do not protect you in this case. I buy everything with credit cards except MJ seeds, I don't want to risk a paper trail that will be in some archives forever.

    Stories here at GC about the Doc are overwhelmingly positive.
  20. i used a debit card for dr chronic. fucking awesome. sent the seeds the day after i paid, and got the seeds 3 days later.

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