dr. chronic delivery time?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by G-mann, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. :confused:hey i ordered seeds from dr. chronic with a visa gift card, how long till they arrive anyone know?
  2. haha i just made a thread in the seedbank forum about this but i ordered them with my visa on the 21st and got them the 24th and i live in the midwest so less than a week i'd say, maybe a week tops if you are west coast.
  3. 6 days here bro, every time. West coast by the way... Southern California ;)
  4. I've orderd from them twice last week both orders came the next day after I orderd
  5. Is it a good idea to use your credit card for ordering seeds to the US? Given that its illegal, and all of your billing/shipping information are linked to your card. Ive always wanted to order seeds, but stayed away because I was affraid of using my card. Sending in money orders isnt an option as there is no way to track it.
  6. thats why we used a visa $100 gift card. do the seeds come fedex or post office?
  7. I live in the Midwest, took 8 days by money order, 4 days by debit. I still cant believe how fast it took both times.
  8. I agree to not use credit cards, they do leave a permanent paper trail and there is no real benefit to using a credit card to incur that risk.

    Doc ships by mail not Fedex. Let's please refrain from discussing any details about the shipments -- whether it is an envelope or package, what it looks like, how it is marked, etc. For all we know Customs reads this forum, and we don't want to help them know what to look for. Let's just say that they ship in a very nondescript way.

    Very difficult to give a delivery time since so much of the shipping process is out of their hands. They tend to ship 24-48 hours after receiving payment, then from there you are dealing with international mail delivery. I am East Coast and tend to receive my beans 5-7 days after they receive payment, but 3 weeks later would not be out of the question.

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