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    Friday - 8:30 - School: I was sitting there in Health Class with the two tubes of Dramamine in my pocket. I decided to take 7(350mg) to see what it was like, then I would take a higher dose at a later time. After about 5 minutes I took another one for no reason, figuring that another 50mg wouldn't make that much of a difference.

    2nd Period: I was on the computer when I started stretching. I noticed that it felt really good; better than normal. I went to the bathroom and on the way there I felt disconnected from my legs. I felt like I wasn't controlling them at all, but they somehow knew which way to go. I also stumbled around a bit, like I was drunk. When I got back I started touching my face. My skin felt foreign and very weird.

    3rd Period: Hitting the plateau but strangely my mind is clear. I don't exactly feel fucked up, but I somehow knew that I was. I would look at the kids back in front of me and it would look like something ran across it really fast. I also saw clear bugs/spiders crawl around in the corner of my eye but I turned to look it stopped. Though there was a point where I heard what sounded like 100 people whispering my name..that freaked me out a bit.

    4th Period: We had to write an essay about Julius Caesar. I noticed that it was very hard to concentrate because I was extremely uncomfortable. I would also make many errors in my writing such as, "Caesar should have stayed at my house..." instead of "Caesar should have stayed home". Still seeing things dart out of the corner of my eye.

    After that I felt extremely drowsy and felt like complete shit. Everyone throughout the entire day was asking me,"What's wrong?" Though I still had 16 tablets left, I decided to take them all the next day and go for a full blown trip with double the dose.


    Saturday - 3:30 - Friend's House: I took all the remaining tablets and I played games on the computer with him while I waited for it to kick in. Well once it did another friend came over. I spent at least 2 hours just sitting there spacing out and staring at things.

    Now...I honestly don't see how people talked to things that weren't there and had extremely vivid hallucinations. Though the ones I saw were pretty clear, I didn't see anything like people that weren't there. The only hallucinations I saw where random paint lines in the wall wiggle and move around. There was one point though where I looked at the carpet and some black thing jumped at me. Kind of freaked me out for a second. Both days it constantly felt like something was crawling on me or touching me. That got annoying as fuck. As for auditory hallucinations I didn't have many distinct ones, just random sounds (beeps, knocks, etc). But there was one where I answered a question that my friend never even asked.

    Anyway, I felt pretty much the same as I did the previous day. Overall, dumb drug. It wasn't scary nor fun. I was very anti-social and when I did try to talk I would lose my voice and have to clear it before talking again. I wasn't confused either...just uncomfortable and bored. I wouldn't do this again. It's not worth it at all. I guess I'm just one of those people who's effects from dramamine are pretty much nothing. As opposed to the ones that say they started talking to someone and they vaporized in front of them. Although I'm glad I did it to see what it was like for me, but it was very stupid and this was my last DPM trip.

    Sorry for the long read...Thanks for reading if you did. :wave:
  2. ....you did it at school?
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    I didn't think much would happen and I was right. However, if anything bad did happen I would have just went home.

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