DP Auto Blueberry - Just over 4 weeks in need help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by genocide112, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I have been growing out an Auto Blueberry by DP under 135w of LED supplemented by CFL. Four weeks in I've noticed some yellowing tips:



    It looks a bit like nute burn but it's only showing on 2-3 tips. It can't be burns from the CFL bulb as I have taken extra caution in keeping the leaves from making contact with the tubes. I've only added nutes 3 times so far during the grow (1 dose of Canna Terra Vega 2 doses of Terra Flores, all below manufacturer's recommended amount) and just yesterday gave a watering of plain water.

    My temps peak out at about 31-32C some days because of the CFL, I'm really considering replacing the CFL with yet another LED light, could such high temperatures be causing the yellowing tips?

    Anyone know what this could be?

    Here's a pic of the whole plant, DP Auto Mazar is the short ass in the pot next door 2.5 weeks behind Auto BB ;) gotta love the way an almost full indica (bar it's 10-20% ruderalis gene) grows with it's tight node spacing.

  2. it's definitely not nute burn, it does look like its touched the bulb. have you sprayed the plants with water at all. at this point I wouldn't worry about it, they look great
  3. Thanks jetski...I don't think they've managed to touch the bulb but it could have happened...she is stretching as quickly as she can toward the light source, more than twice the size of my previous plant already so she's difficult to keep in check! I guess I will just wait a while and see if it becomes an issue.

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