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    This will contain thoughts, ideas, stories, whatever that are conceived while high to stoned to baked to gone. I will continue to update regularly. :)

    here we go:

    I was walking down the street and I went into a store. Upon entering the store I was greeted by a kind man behind the counter. He asked if he could help me, and I asked him for a copy of the latest local newspaper.

    “That’ll be 50 cents son”, the man said. I handed him a dollar and told him to keep the change. I thanked him and walked out of the store. I found a bench and sat down to read the paper.

    On the front page the headline was: “Passenger Standed: KFC Kidnapped”

    Well this surely seemed interesting. I read on and the article talked about a man named Maxwell Smithery had been going to every KFC location on the continent. In 2008, he was quoted as saying “I’m gonna eat chicken at every location in North America.” The timing of his quote couldn’t have been better, four days prior, he had quadruple-bypass heart surgery.

    The story takes an interesting turn though when authorizes received a text message from a man claiming to be locked inside a KFC Location. “im loked in KFC, im that guy” the message read. Unfortunately the cell phone was not traceable and police took a group outing to Timmies for an appetizer then KFC for lunch.

    Anyways, back to my life. We’re not going to spend all day writing about some bizarre fictitious account in some fictitious newspaper in a world that doesn’t physically exist. LOL
  2. Next!

    Going on a shroom trip alone, and laying in the grass for the whole trip is probably a bad idea. I know, beautiful sunny day, shroomin in the park. But think about what could actually happen to you:
    1. You could get bitten/attacked by a dog
    2. People/Children could trip and fall onto you or over you.

    3. It could start hurricane-style raining and create a god damn landslide. (Ok, admittedly a more “exceptional” circumstance.
    Going for that shroom trip alone outside probably isn't a good idea. (At least if you're a Shroom noob like me. lol
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    lol :smoking::smoking:

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