Downstems keep breaking

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  1. I've broken three downstems for my bong now, the most recent one broke yesterday, and I wasn't even near it.

    Was watching TV on my bed and bong was sitting across the room about 10ft, I heard a random *crack* and saw the male joint had broken off. I managed to rig it with some super glue.

    How can I be more careful and not break my downstems?

    I just purchased one online that is higher quality, hopefully it'll last.
  2. ive had 3 downstems. both the times it broke it was my fault. 1st time it rolled into the sink and just broke and the 2nd time i knocked the bong over. now im on the 3rd and no issues. but yeah i need to be careful
  3. Two words.

    Keck Clip.


    It keeps the downstem from moving around when you pull the slide out to clear the bong. It also just keeps your downstem from moving around, period. Hope this helps.
  4. i dont have those. but i probably should, there mad expensive.

  5. No? Look for them on Amazon or Ebay. They're like .86 cents.
  6. ebays got 5 for like 12$.
  7. pfft my local shop charged me $8 a piece for them the other day! i needed them so i just bought a few but dammnnnn how u gonna charge $8 a piece?? :mad:

    definitely buy offline!

  8. damn this guy on TK sold me one for 5$... lol

  9. there little tiny pieces of plastic that probably cost 50 cents to make. if even that.
  10. I payed 5$ on ALT :( but whatever I was ordering other stuff.
  11. I had a keck clip but I lost it, I'll look into getting a couple more soon.
  12. 1.85 per keck clips 2.05 shipping it does come usps but i got mine in 3 days.

    I only got one But i needed to waste the 4 bucks on a gift card

    im sure shipping wouldnt get to high with more than 1 even but thats the cheapest i found online.

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