Downstem stuck... need some advice before I break this shit.

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  1. Hey ya'll,
    the downstem in my medicali is stuck .... like fuckin STUCK. i've already tried running hot water over it, gently twisting back and forth (no budge), and attempted to pour rubbing alcohol on it too. so far, no luck. anyone with experience no how to solve my problems?

  2. i used to work in a pub, and if the glasses got stuck in eachother because they were stacked or whatever, we just put em in a freezer for a bit then they come apart
  3. Try grunge off, fill up the tube all the way, the grunge off should slowly eat away the resin that's causing it to be stuck.  My honeypot was nearly glued to my klein with oil, and I got it off this way, I let it soak for an hour before it came loose.
    If you don't have grunge off, maybe try vegetable oil.  That trick the other person posted could work as well, though I'm not sure if pyrex expands and contracts enough with temp changes.
    Good luck, now that you mention it, it's probably time for me to wash all my glass today as well....sigh..booring
  4. if your dome is stuck because of oil..then just heat it up??

    If your joint is stuck because it is water locked..then just push down really hard on one side and just make a little gap on the other allowing air to come  in and break the lock:)
  5. Maybe discharge some butane down the down stem? Maybe the super cold will make the down stem glass contract just enough to get it out.
  6. When the downstem in one of my bongs gets stuck I hit the bottom of the stems lip with the bottom of my bic. Don't know if that made sense but it works everytime for me.
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    I'll share my trick, but I've been doing this a while... so I take no responsibility for first timers.

    I have a 12" section of wire coat hanger. I bent it, around a down stem at the halfway point... its now an extraction tool, to get out stuck downstems and stoppers, when cleaning.

    To use it, simply place it in-between the joint and the DS. You can now grab it like a handle (I grab it with my thumb towards the DS/Stopper and place my thumb over the item, to help stabilize and make sure it doesn't go flying) and gently pry up and out your downstem, stopper, whatever. Hasn't ever failed me.
  8. great idea!
  9. the freezer works 98% of the time. don't let it sit in there too long though or it'll possibly crack. (fragile glass)
  10. thanks for all the help guys! im gunna try the freezer method first, but goddamn some of ya'll have some awesome highdeas haha!
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    Get a wooden spoon and shove it in the gap if there is one, between the stem lip and joint, and pry that bitch out !!
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