Downstem stuck in bong

Discussion in 'General' started by Chief Smokalottapiff, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. My downstem broke off and is completely stuck in my bong. It was stuck in there before it broke off but now I really need it out lol. How the fuck would I go about getting it out? Is there something I can put on it to get it to slip out? I already tried soap.

  2. Oh man. I had my down stem stuck recently and put it under the sink to wet it and then just pulled and it came out. but your shit, I'm dumbfounded.
  3. Oh shit I just grew some balls and broke the top of the downstem with some pliers. It cracked down the side of it I'm making progress lol

  4. I usually just break it up to get em out if they are allready broken.
    Maybe tweesers, pliers can get it out
  5. I have the same problem except I have nothing to grab to pull it out, it's completely broken off and is only stuck inside the joint, I cant push it in and I can't grab it to pull it out, no idea what to do lol.
  6. damn dude this reminds me of the time i got a BB stuck in my Perc..

    I hope you get it all out of there without breaking the other piece man
  7. Okay man, you got this! Same thing happened to me, just try to remove that excess glass off of there if you can first. Then try and find (or make) something with a rubber end thats just the right size where you kinda have to shove it in there. Then just try and pull that sucker out. It worked for me.
  8. Ok everyone I got it! And my bongs fine. I had to punch the honeycomb piece out with a screwdriver, wiggle it around for a bit then it just pulled right out.


  9. Bend the end of a coat hanger into a hook. Push it through the stem, hook it on the other side, and try to pull the stem out using the hanger.

    Edit: Well dammit nevermind

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