Downstem Question

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  1. So I own a straight tube at the moment which has a 3.5 inch 14.5mm/18.8mm downstem. I want to buy an alex k from *** and was wondering if the 3.5 inch 18mm/18mm would fit.

    I'm concerned because I thought the general measurement was from the bottom of the ground joint to the bottom of the downstem but *** uses the top of the ground joint. But then when I look at one of the 14/18 listings the length from the top of the ground joint to diffused bottom does not equal the total length :confused:

    If anyone could help me understand the measurements it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. you choose the length then you go by how wide of a diameter your joint is on the downstem.....only reason to use a reducing downstem is if you are wanting to use 14.5mm slides in your 18.8mm downstem.

    or you can get a reducing downstem that goes from 18.8 to 14.5 if you like the low profile downstems.

  3. I understand that much. I want to buy an 18/18 because I won some 18.8mm 2011bc slides from a contest. I am more concerned about the length of the downstem itself. I'll probably end up waiting till I go back to college to make the measurements myself.

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