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  1. hey my down stem that came with my bong broke, where do the measurements for the diameter of the part where the hole is in the bong come into play? the sliders width was 14.4 mm, and it was like 4.5 inches tall. Also if anyone could post a link to an online shop that sells one like this i would greatly appreciate it, i checked grass city shop and it was sold out....
  2. the downstem u need would probly be 18.8/14.4, unless the slide is the same size as the joint, then it would be 14.4/14.4. to measure the length, measure between the bottom of the ground glass to the end of the downstem, thats your length. im pretty sure we cant post a link to anything tho (someone correct me if im wrong)...
  3. the slide fits pretty narrowly in the joint (hole in bong?) so its probably that, if anyone wants to pm a link that would be awesome.
  4. yes the joint is the hole in the bong, if the 14.4 slide doesnt fully seat solidly in the joint then it is probly a 18.8 joint.
  5. check ur pm
  6. i went on the site and the sellers wont deliver where i live (PA) or at least any i found
  7. You measure the down tube from the top of the male joint to the end of it where the hole is. Not from the bottom of the joint. A 4.5 inch long one is pretty standard. But you can also take a pencil and stick it down through the joint on the tube and center it very
    close to the bottom of the tube and mark the pencil even with the top of the joint on the tube and measure it to find out length you need.
  8. i've had this problem before and most blowers on etsy measure from the bottom of the male joint and down to the bottom of the stem.

    to the op, are you saying that the slides dont fit your tube now?

    check out your pm's. i sent you more info.
  9. i misused the term slide instead of downstem which is what meant to say, So if my joint on the bong is 18mm or something and the slide width is 14mm it would be 18mm>14mm
  10. you can't post a site to other sites that are for selling and the like. But I believe saying go to, or google, is gonna get you in trouble. As for a site, Grass city has downstems. If it was a high quality or name brand downstem, then your better bet is to get the same one. Grasscity might not have it, but they have a large collection of stuff.
  11. Sorry to inform you on this but they are all wrong. You see, all blower do not use the same joints.
    some joints are longer or shorter than others. Measuring one that way could cause you to end up with a downstem that would not fit.

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