Downstem diffusion idea.

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  1. Straight glass with a metal micro screen on the bottom. Would create foam would it not? Over 60 of the smallest possible holes.
  2. Depending on the airflow, it's a viable idea. Would need to use a CF so you wouldn't have to change it too often.

    I kinda like all glass though.

  3. Assuming you could make as detailed of a weave of holes with glass.

    Which im almost positive is impossible. The gridded sg is as close as possible, and i think having all the holes at the bottom firing would create a forced airflow and legitimate pull with little to no drag.

  4. Yeah I know it's impossible.

    Oh yeah, pretty much every hole would be firing 100% of the time. I'm sure that a screen could be made to ensure no impeded airflow if their was no resin/ash build up. Also, downstems could be easily made to hold the screen in place like on a Roor Carbon filter.

    Definitely a viable idea.
  5. I'm intrigued by this idea, OP. I can actually see this being pulled off in a couple of different ways and still end up with a classy look that I would be tempted to throw down some cash on. I'm no expert in glass, but I feel like someone with a reasonable amount of skill could mke this happen without much difficulty. Perhaps I'll consult a local blower and see about a custom one. +rep for you my man

    (Now go start making and selling some already.)
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    I would want it more for concentrates, but creating it too reduce ash and resin clogging makes it much more viable.

    I was thinking of so many ways right off the bat haha, it was actually a good friend of mine that thought up the original idea and we kinda just ran with it thinking of how good it could be. Haven't seen one yet :smoke:
  7. its not impossible

    yo would have to get a bunch of small glass strings aka

    fiber optic strands and emulate the type of filter on most faucets

    create a glass mesh screen
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    Its a possibility, but you'd have to do it piece by piece right? Cause they can't be hot when they get close together or they'll merge and close holes? I assumed a titanium mesh screen would be super easy to implement.
  9. I see were your gettin at about foam op i think this is a great idea dude maybe you should just put a metal screen inside the downstem to test it out pretty easy to get one stuck in there.
  10. Bump for the idea.
  11. yeah test that out, seems like the best place to start... and post a video even if it doesnt work. with everyone on GC, this can be possible.
  12. My friend told me to try this about a year ago and i did, works pretty good until it gets clogged, i used a pipe screen with tons of little holes held on the end of a downstem with a gromet style thing, il try to look for a picture. It would be easy to just replace the screen once its dirty
  13. they make glass screens already. It would be very easy .
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    not sure your getting what the point of the thread

    yeaaaaahhh thats not gunna work, cant work with glass that small
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Could be woven out of fibreglass. Not sure about how it would be affected by heat, but a weave could be made.
    EDIT: already brought up..
  17. i would not do fiberglass dont want to risk inhaling that...
  18. If somebody does actually test this idea a good way to be able to change screens easily would to have a non diffused glass downstem with a glass cap with a hole in it. Just put the screen in the cap and slide it over the downstem. Would need to find a way to secure the two so they don't the cap doesn't slide off. Maybe like a keck clip but on the inside? If I had a bong and I knew a local glassblower I would be getting this made.
  19. I think someone should draw up a diagram on MS paint lol

  20. Like i said I've made it before and just used a rubber thing to hold on the screen and replace it easy.

    And fiberglass is not the same type of glass at all

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