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Downsides to weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jivy96, May 8, 2011.

  1. I recently started smoking, and I think of my self as an intelligent person. When I stop smoking after my supply runs dry, maybe a few days after, I begin to feel a little depressed and not the same as before I smoked. I gradually begin to get better though. After talking to my friend he goes through a similar thing. I was wondering if this is normal or if it is just me. Also feel free to post any downsides you have felt to smoking.
  2. well marijuana can be mentally addicting, but im sure that you are probably just bored and certain times of the day and wish you could be gettin high instead.

    I smoke everyday and the only downside i can think of is i get a little bit tired from it, but if i smoke out of pipes its not so bad. Bongs on the other hand...
  3. Yup, whenever i'm dry I get feeling a little down. It`s just your body adjusting to not being high. It will go away in a few days. Just keep occupied and you`ll forget about it.
  4. Anytime you spend a weekend doing something fun, comes Monday you already miss it and you feel a little down. This is applicable to anything fun that you enjoyed doing. It's all a state of mind, if you convince yourself you are depressed because you are not smoking, then depressed, you will be.
  5. when im stoned i suck at hitting on girls =/
  6. Well first off, a little depression is normal. For me, if I don't smoke pot in a bit, I get an urge to smoke pot. I love pot.


    My short term memory is affected, even when not high. I've been told this is temporary, but I've never stopped for long enough to find out. It's nothing a notepad and some organization can't fix though.

    My long term memory is affected, too. I can remember memories from before I started to smoke weed clearly, but I can't remember what I did on this day a week or two ago without having to think about it. Maybe that's normal, I don't know anymore.

    SMOKERS COUGH: You will get it. I vapourized for about a month or two, and my lungs cleared up right as rain. Getting back in to smoking was hard, it was like I was just starting out again, which I assume means my lungs cleaned themselves out in a month or two after a few years of smoking.

    But there are so many upsides, some people choose to ignore the downsides.
  7. Downsides? Getting really hungry, thus the possibility of turning into a fatass hahaha
  8. Thanks for the replies, I think the main thing is I spend a lot of time alone and not doing much so my mind is always thinking about it.
  9. It sucks when you run out.

  10. You know it's funny, I met a girl while I was high as hell and I get a lot more talkative and outgoing and I ended up hitting it off and got her number, etc etc. You just gotta not think about it and just enjoy being high and talk to them. Don't over think it haha
  11. of course theres minor withdrawals.

    I remember i was smoking 2g of dank a week at one point, for like 2 months. Then i stopped smoking and was depressed and had no appetite whatsoever. After like 4-5 days, i was fine.

    other downsides can be anxiety and paranoia (mainly due to it being illegal), and sucking ass at social situations. Like a guy said above me, i cant hit on girls for shit whenever im high.

    But when im drinking, everything comes to me real fast and i have perfect timing and a big smile. Bitches are horny when they drink too.
  12. Only downside: If you smoke too much, eventually, you don't get as high.

  13. Truth, yo

  14. Truth, yo.

    Sorry im really high, and it makes so much sense.
  15. -running out of weed.
  16. it doesn't regenerate :cool:
  17. Well this is the case with almost any mentally uplifting substance and/or event. Think about it like this...if you can be at Disney World for every day of the next month you are going to get accustomed to it as well as look forward to it happening readily but after that month is up you're going be down about not going anymore aren't you? Either that or you just wouldn't know what to do with your now different daily agenda.

    It happens, it's not a side effect of's just our brains adapting to the increased state of elation. Our brains will continue to want it, this is the primary reason for addiction prone individuals.
  18. IMO: When you get high, all the stress is out the window. When you later become sober, the stress starts to come back in the window. It's not making you more depressed, your just thinking about the shit.

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