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Downsides of Shrooms

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nickydigital, May 6, 2006.

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  1. Wondering what are the downsides of shrooms... Whats in them that makes them bad for you and what is the reason they are illegal in the states??? Ive done them once before just curious... :D thanks!
  2. they dont last as long as acid and their more expensive
  4. Down side to shrooms???


    Shrooms are my favorite drug, in terms of the \"high\" it gives you.
  5. There can be alot of downsides to shrooms. Personally I think I it\'s done with the right knowledge, people, and enviroment they\'re harmless. Although you\'ve got to realize, if you take them when your feeling sad, or with other drugs it can be bad. Shrooms is also a drug that depends on the person taking it. Some people can handle shrooms no prob, fun trip.. but others have different minds, and for them shrooms can be a very terrible trip. All depends on the person, and you can\'t trust people - so thats why Shrooms are illegal and should stay that way.
  6. There is no downside of shrooms as long as you enter and exit the trip happy, me and my friends one time ate a quarter (which was free, for all of us) and walked home on the railroad tracks from 1-6 in the morning,craziest trip ever. ive never seen anyone have a really \"horrific\" experience on shrooms. infact, i\'ve probably never seen someone have a really bad trip.
  7. I use to pop extacy pills every weekend for 6 months do you think shroom will affect me in a negative or bad way cause im pretty strong when it comes to drugs
  8. three things to make sure you have a good trip

    set - comfortable with yourself. no worries, no stressing. relaxed and ready.
    setting - people/place very important
    dosage - make sure your comfortable with the dose.

    meet the three above and it\'ll be a great trip.
  9. My friend had a seizure on mushrooms at my house and all he ate was a half 8th, can you imagine the feeling I got seeing him pass out and sieze? No, noone will ever be able to imagine that fear of a freind dying (thats what I thought was happening) I can never trip anything again because of what happend that night. Just thinking about shrooms makes me sick to my stomach. I abused mushrooms when I first found out how awsome they were and I was doing them every week, until they caught up with me and fucked me over. I had the worlds worst trip that day and it just isnt worth it in my opinion.
  10. they taste like poopy
  11. The downside is that it\'s easier to get ripped off than with weed or pills, and you could also eat some that are poisonious if some dick sells fake shrooms to ya that he just picked out of the ground.
  12. The downside is they are sometimes hard to comeby. And the only health issues I know of are if you eat the wrong kind of mushrooms.
  13. Hmm, i\'m not feelin any downsides right now... haha... it can be a real fun experience but do it in the right setting... definately dont trip by yourself the first time or two. its fun though, i see some screwed up patterns on this board haha.
  14. Yeah I surfed GC while trippen and the letters look like they are floating and shifting man, that was awsome.
  15. while were on this topic, is a penicillan allergy anything to worry about? cause i would like to try shrooms, but im allergic to penicillan, thanks for your feed back
  16. reall shouldnt have a problem with em. penicillin is a type of mold and shrooms are fungus. Go for it man. one thing to be wary about on shrooms is to shut off al people that aren\'t on them or totally chill with em.. otherwise you\'ll get this yearning to tell someone and it\'ll be the WRONG person for sure. just trust me haha.
  17. I dont have to worry about getting ripped off cause I am growing my own the strains are Blue Meanie, Z Strain, and Bloue Oyster cant wait when they start pinning do I can rip them off and dry them
  18. As long as you are comfortable in your setting and with the people you are around shrooms are some of the funnest drugs I have tried. If you start freakin out concentrate on just breathing and remember it is just the shrooms. I wouldn\'t look at a clock either.
  19. no mirrors for me gonna get a blacklight and some pycedelic posters Im also renting LOTR and buying the Freddy Krueger collection im gonna be scared shitless
  20. I think that as long as you are mentally strong and prepared for one hell of experience, then there is no downside to shrooms. Just be prepared to loose your ego.:D
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