downside of t break

Discussion in 'General' started by Kushjob, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I have no appetite, and sleeping is much more difficult.

    anyone else get similar results?
  2. unfortunately, yes, i wont eat all day and than take benadryl at night to try to fall asleep. Or drink
  3. i always eat, but the sleeping thing goes away after a few rough nights for me. give it a week and don't take anything that'll help you sleep and you'll be good. just suck it up for a bit.
  4. Their is never an upside of a Tbreak, except your tolerance will be low as shit
  5. Yesss, same shit happens to me.
  6. Normally with weed in my agenda, I'll eat throughout the day, and sleep at a normal time.

    Now I'm at once a day, maybe some snacking, and sleeping is all fucked up.

    Not even pain medication can put me down.
  7. the downside is you cant smoke
  8. Yeah's the same for any 'seasoned' toker usually
  9. Only thing I can recommend is you spend some time outside, try and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, maybe go for a bike ride, and take some melatonin to put yourself out.

  10. You beat me to it.
  11. the first weed (first three days for sleep) is the hardest dude. you don't need the weed man you can do it!! try running or working out about an hour or 2 before you plan on hitting the sack. and like someone else said melatonin works good for some people.

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