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downpipe =[ =[

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cataklysm, May 21, 2010.

  1. has actually snapped off at the bottom :(
    obviously been looking on grasscity and everyonedoes it but they dont have a very good selection of replacement downtubes..
    anyone know any good , reliable sites that ship to the UK?
    +rep for help :)
    cheers boys
  2. I broke mine today when cleaning, it was a beautiful diffy, i was shaking water out and tapped it on the sink. Ive looked at the same websites and am considering the 18.8 mm diffy for $10 on GC. I would def like a couple more sites to browse though before i buy. Lets hear em!
  3. yeah man , well i have broke both of the downpipes =/ so i have to fill my beaker bottom right up , and my a/c right up , and it dont have a spashgaurd as it is...
    long as fuck.... =[ did one of them the same way as you and one , i loaded a bowl ,put the bong slide into the pipe , stood it up against my moniter ( easy to do when high ) then it just slid and pinged like the bottom 1/4 of it off =[
  4. damn i feel you man, the broken stem came from my 5150 tube which was one of my decent mid range pieces and a tried and true workhorse. We should post milkshots with our new downpipes when we get them.

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