downloaded very choppy.

Discussion in 'General' started by darksmoker, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. like it says. recently, movies that ive downloaded within the past few weeks whenever i play them on VLC they skip and are choppy. movies i downloaded awhile ago play fine. why is this?
  2. And this doesn't happen when streaming videos?
    It's just in VLC? did you attempt other players?
  3. nope streaming vids are good. the only other media player that actually plays the movies is DivX Plus Player, and that program usually freezes my computer. WMP and quicktime etc dont work with it. no sound etc
  4. Hm. My VLC always works like a pro, and it sounds like yours did before.
    I came across this on the VLC site about choppy Video
    " Under Windows, go to the System section of the control panel, and go to the Hardware manager (it is sometimes in a separate tab, and sometimes, you have to go to the Advanced tab. Then, righ-click on your DVD player, and check the DMA checkbox.

    Upgrade to the latest driver for your video board."

    Sounds like it wants you to try and find the latest driver for you video card.
    And this is assuming you are using windows.
  5. i'll give that a shot and report back. thanks.
  6. Hope it works for ya', man :wave:
  7. it said everything was as up to date as it could be :(
  8. I had a problem similar to this once. I uninstalled VLC, as well as audio and video drivers. reinstalled all. Followed by a reboot of course, and all seemed well after. I know that's allot of shit to do, but I hate divix. and I'm not sure of what else could be done. Worth a try
  9. I love your avatar
  10. VLC Player is just horrible when it comes to high-definition video and audio. I highly switching to Windows Media Player if you're own PC or QuickTime on a Mac.

    Why'd you even switch to VLC? Unless you're on Linux then you should know that the video players given to you in your bootup disc work fine.
  11. it never works with WMP. i always need this codec and that codec or some stupid shit.
  12. Media Player Classic. Google it.

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